4 Properties That Nintendo Really Wishes You'd Forget

GP writer Jared discusses four properties that Nintendo would rather you forget about.

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zerocrossing1778d ago

There are some things I wish I never knew about... that was one of them.

BlackWolf1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Agreed. Seriously, who would watch that. Some sick perverts must...

GribbleGrunger1778d ago

Come on, it's nearly always the plumber.

Septic1778d ago

@zero and gribble, LOL!

Anyone got any pics of Princess Peach from this?

ThanatosDMC1778d ago

Peach did have a baby with Bowser. How that happened is beyond me.

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LKHGFDSA1778d ago

Hahahaha I love the idea of Miyamoto going around, tracking down copies of "Super Hornio Brothers" to destroy.

1778d ago