Top 10 Super Smash Bros. Characters

Many fighters will enter the Brawl arena, but not all of them are the most effective at bringing the pain.

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iceice1233948d ago

But I thought people were saying metaknight was overpowered? Did they nerf him bad or what?

iamtehpwn3948d ago

Link has been my character since the original Smash bros.
I'm glad to see he's #1.

v1c1ous3948d ago

if they chose link, its not because of his fighting prowess.

even if you don't believe in tiers, you could agree Link wasn't exactly a powerhouse in any sense of the word. very balanced. but other characters certainly outshine him.

if it was based on popularity, again its arguable when compared to mario/snake/soni

and if it was based on BEING FANTASTIC, Captain Falcon would take up the top 3 spots!

LevDog3948d ago

I guess Ness is just a Piece of Not soo good stuff eh... Ness is by far Top 3 in all Smash Bros.. He is by far the most complex and takes the longest to learn.. but if your like me.. He is a super power house..

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