Game Informer - Super Replay – Blue Stinger: Episode 3

Game Informer - Over the last couple of years, the Replay crew has introduced a new installment of Super Replay on New Year's Eve. We continue this tradition this year with a game we hope captures the same spirit of the "classic" Overblood games.

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TheBardsSong2045d ago

I love Super Replay. I remember enjoying Blue Stinger to a degree, just based on how ridiculous of a mix the action and soundtrack are.

wishingW3L2045d ago

I still have this game but I have only played it twice for like 10-15 minutes. XD

TheMutator2045d ago

one of my favorie DC games , ohhh memories!!!

ChipChipperson2045d ago

Wow, I remember playing this at Funcoland years ago at one of those set-up stations they used to have.

DivineAssault 2045d ago

carrier i think was better than this.. none the less, DC was such a joy at the time