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Devil May Cry Fashion Watch

Game Informer - The Internet raged when Ninja Theory revealed its younger, emo-fied version of Devil May Cry's demon-hunting protagonist. But is the new Dante really less chic than the old one – or any other character in the series? Join us as we rate the fashion sense of Devil May Cry's characters. (Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

VileAndVicious  +   656d ago
OK...I will admit.
Some of these articles are becoming a bit outrageous. Lol
wishingW3L  +   656d ago
this guy doesn't even knows that Trish's a demon. lol

But I wanted to read what he thought about Lady's school-girl attire because I thought that one was really cool but he went for all the costumes from DMC4. And yeah, DMC4 was a pretty terrible game when it comes to level design and clothes too but the gameplay was the smoothest. DMC3 was faster though... But in part this is why fans are so pissed about the reboot because after such a fantastic game like DMC3 people wanted more and all we got was stupid Nero and then a reboot that betrays its roots.

Lady's school-girl costume: http://images1.wikia.nocook...
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Blackdeath_663  +   655d ago
yeah DMC is dead and it died it the most horrible of ways. thank fully though my ps2 still works and i still have my DMC3 special edition played it like 12 times already
Pozzle  +   656d ago
I know a lot of fans hated it, but I genuinely liked Dante's outfit in DMC4. It's probably my favorite of his outfits in the series, tbh. It just makes me chuckle that Dante woke up that morning and thought to himself "yep, I'm gonna wear leather chaps over my leather pants today. Why not!"

And tbh, I think that's a big point that Ninja Theory have missed when making DmC. They are trying so hard to make new-Dante "cool" because they thought old-Dante's design was lame and laughable. But old Dante wasn't meant to be a fashion icon to begin with. He isn't a supermodel. He's a guy who dresses as outrageous as he acts. 'Cos he feels like it.
Deadpool616  +   656d ago
The design of Dante in DMC4 is very much like a wild west design. With the updated visual they could add more details to the character model. Leather just happens to look really good visually when it comes to design and patterns. Dante has always been like the sheriff, cleaning the town from demon varmints. He has a lead guitarist in a band vibe to him and knows how to put on a show.

To me, DMC4 Dante was in his prime. Not as flashy as DMC3 Dante and not as cold as DMC2 Dante. He knows his place and is satisfied about it.

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Blacktric  +   655d ago
"It's probably my favorite of his outfits in the series,"

Exactly. It contributed to the "cuh-rayzay" elements even more.

Also comparing goddamn still images of Donte to Uncle Dante and saying Dante isn't fashionable because he doesn't have "flaming hulk hands".

And calling Ifrit "flaming hulk hands".

No one could be this retarded.
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j-blaze  +   656d ago
from good looking, unique and stylish character to a homeless beggar it's just sad
FrostyZipper  +   655d ago
I know people have a thousand other arguments against this game, but I really do think that DINO would have generated far less hatred if his aesthetic character design had originally given him white hair.

Then we'd have seen it in action and the public opinion would have dropped like a rock.
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RyuX19  +   655d ago
We've seen what he looks like with the white hair unlockable in DmC.... it doesn't look good at all. His design just can't be helped.
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WeAreLegion  +   655d ago
I really like his outfit in 4, specifically the boots.

However, his outfits from DMC2 were the coolest, despite the game not being very good. ;)

Xklaw  +   655d ago
I don´t even know why i read this article; such a waste of time..
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   655d ago
Honestly, I think Nero's outfit was my favourite. It's weird, but I found it to be the most tasteful. Not over the top like Dante's outfits, and not trashy/dirty like the DmC Dante's rags.
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pandehz  +   655d ago
Umm lame.

In a video game these clothes work well according to me. They are iconic and need to have some bling bling i guess.

I do feel sorry for the virtual cows tho
yami930  +   655d ago
Was an article like this really necessary? I dont anyone complained about how they dressed lol and if so it was probably the least of their worries, but I guess its a fun little read, I think the way they are dressed all fit their personalities and works well for the game, Donte though looks as if he is trying to fit in a modern day style as opposed to having a unique look like the others.

Also, I'd like to ask why is it that every retailer online is lieing to everyone with their product synopsis?

"Revisit the iconic protagonist, Dante, and other familiar faces of the Devil May Cry franchise and discover the early years that helped define his struggles. Travel with your guide, Kat, whose special psychic abilities allow her access to the demon realm, Limbo. Kat is the right-hand girl to the mysterious leader of The Order — a small group of freedom fighters trying to end the demon occupation of the human world. The Order needs one more recruit to help wipe out the demons — Dante. Enjoy the same stylish action and fluid combat you've come to expect with a game that perfectly complements the franchise's intense combat and features superb character design, storytelling and cinematics. Battle in intense and iconic sword- and gun-based combat with all-new weapons designed to send each demonic spawn you encounter back to Hell. Use Dante's Angel and Demon powers to chain together ground-based and aerial combos and achieve the best style rankings. Experience what it means to be both Angel and Demon, and show the world the wrath of an outcast."
kratos_TheGoat  +   655d ago
I will the beat the shit outta this emo dante. But the game will be good not excellent but good. Get Ready to pre order God Of War AC I know you wanna kratos the goat(greatest of all time)

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