Next gen nightmares: the worst Xbox 720 mock-ups

OXM - Another day, another next gen Xbox feature, another futile rummage through the internet's laundry basket in search of credible-looking fan mock-ups of unannounced hardware. Having published, oh, six and a half trillion next gen headlines in the last five minutes alone, I'm bang up to date with all the hottest and most memorable specimens. Join me, if your eyes can bear the terrible corrosive effects, for a guided tour.

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hennessey861807d ago

But I have a feeling its going to look similar to the 360 s

morkendo231807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

3,5,9 look cool enough to be possibilities.
If i were to pick between no # 3 or 5 it would be number 5 similar to 360

G-cis1807d ago

"Xbox Flabby Flaps"

dirigiblebill1807d ago

The Xbox World one doesn't look half bad.

KMCROC541807d ago

5,7,9 look cool I would buy either one

1807d ago