The best Halo 4 Forge maps

OXM - I didn't manage to play much Halo 4 over the holiday, thanks to the long-overdue arrival of Thief 3 in my life, and the resurgence of my lingering Sins of a Solar Empire addiction. Curse you, interstellar logistics! Returning to 343's game this week was rather like peering into the depths of a long-forgotten cup of tea, now clogged to the brim with bacterial fur.

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Cerberus291690d ago

The Labyrinth one looks fun and different

1690d ago
biRdy1690d ago

Wow these are great maps, I might just start up a lobby with some friends to try them out.

ThichQuangDuck1690d ago

They need to put the file share up properly and get a variety of maps in the playlist. 343i handled the launch of the halo community poorly in my opinion