10 ways Modern Warfare 4 needs to improve on Modern Warfare 3

OXM - Call of Duty is in an interesting place right now. With Black Ops 2, many expected Treyarch to take over flagship development studio duties from series creator Infinity Ward. But the new Black Ops wasn't quite the breakthrough act we hoped for, despite making dramatic changes to both single and multiplayer.

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iamnsuperman2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I get the impression the writer wants COD to be less COD. I mean I agree with better engine which then better AI and other stuff can come out of it but COD is like an action film. The overall story may be ridiculous but it is well told and made the campaign interesting and fun. COD is about giving you a very movie esque feeling which is why you do not get actual stealth missions. Bigger maps can be okay but COD is a twitchy shooter that is about high intensity combat which works best in small, tight corridor maps.

Welshy2083d ago

Well... yes... i do to.

COD4 became a huge hit with ridiculous popularity, not because of the genre or direction it chose, but because it was fresh and new.

The excellent pacing, the Hollywood-esque plot, the tight action packed gameplay and most importantly, it revolutionised online multiplayer at a console level like never before.

All the things that made COD4 so great are no longer present. The pacing is gone, the revolutionary gameplay is gone, the industry changing online structure is now just standard, it isn't new or fresh anymore and also looks very aged on the graphics front too now.

If they want COD to be as wildly popular and as fondly looked upon as COD4 was, then they have to go back to roots, switch it up, and just make the game fresh and actually feel like a new game again instead of glorified DLC map packs with new guns.

I think it's perfectly obvious despite it's still huge sale that the gaming community is becoming increasingly tired with cookie-cutter, cut and paste games and the roof is going to come down on their head if they don't step up their game, especially with the next generation of consoles on the way.

UnholyLight2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Exactly how I feel my friend. I'd be happy with just standard Modern Warfare like what CoD 4 was, but as I mentioned below, I feel like we should go back to WWII...when the next gen consoles hit, it's time to go back.

I never thought CoD would get old, but it started to wear out for me once I got sick of Modern Warfare 3, it's just gotten out of hand. I want more innovation like the leap EA took from Bad Company to Battlefield 3! That was a pleasant surprise

first1NFANTRY2083d ago

@ iamnsuperman

Dude you almost sound like you're happy with the same old crappy COD formula each year. Everything said in the article was spot on and COD needs something new

Muffins12232083d ago

Best ways to improve mw3:Dont make mw4

Problem solved :)

Welshy2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

I whole heartedly agree! Not from a COD hating band wagon standpoint, but from the sense that launching a NEW game with a 4 stuck to an already tainted title in "Modern Warfare" is just silly given the pretty much universal feedback that Modern Warfare 3 was the weakest of the franchise.

The numbers need to be dropped too, it seems a bit ridiculous that franchise could release one branch on a fourth game and the second branch in the Black Ops side will be moving into Black Ops 3. if it wasn't for the separate titles of BO and MW we'd be on Call of Duty 9 right now.

I can just about grasp sports games going yearly for rosters etc, but even that is milking it. To have 6 sequels, potentially 7 if the next COD is released on PS360, in one console generation for a shooter is ridiculous.

Riderz13372083d ago

They should make it with an engine created from this decade, not something from 2005 or whenever it was created for CoD 3. Billion dollar game and yet they use an old crappy engine and they also don't even have dedicated servers. I never understood why Battlefield games have dedicated servers but CoD games don't.

Soldierone2083d ago

Look at MW3, throw everything you thought was a good idea into the trash can. Look at Black Ops 2, take the strengths and fixes the broken aspects, done.

Too bad Sledgehammer is making it so that won't happen. look for another MW2 wannabe clone.

FarCryLover1822083d ago

Just don't make it like a carbon copy of COD4, MW2 and MW3. People seem to love IW, but IW really just makes the same game over and over with a few additions and no changes. Sometimes, they don't even change the menus or emblems, etc.

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