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Point out the definition of adventure games until it clicks

Joystiq - As the underground cult of indie development surges to the surface and crowdfunding allows vague ideas to transform into products, the scope of gaming bubbles and changes. Games now span spectrums of physical input and emotional amplitude, and our perspectives change with them. (Culture)

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Thank you Jessica Conditt & Joystiq. Article voted up.

It annoys me that people think that point and click adventure games are not even games because they don't have the same freedom of interaction as an action game would, or the quick and accessible gameplay of an arcade title.

Games are made this way for a reason and just because certain people have short attention spans and find them boring makes them no less of games. They are called 'point-and-click adventure games' and have been around since before the open world action game, or even the traditional action game.

They have their audience and they have their place in the industry and are a valid method of artistic expression. Fun games in their own right. I'm sick of new school gamers criticizing them for not being games, when gamers were playing these before most of these fools were born.

Definition of a video game: http://bit.ly/SdjJvG
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