WWF No Mercy (N64)

Video Gaming Hard Corps reviews WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64

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claud31208d ago

one if not the best wwe game ever on the N64

hduce1207d ago

One of if not the best wrestling games period.

jjb19811207d ago

They should re-release as an hd download!

jjb19811208d ago

Reversals were so much easier, this game was in my N64 about 50% of its life, the other percentage was perfect dark and Zelda games!

Pillsbury11208d ago

Best wrestling game, loved the customizable characters.

azshorty20031207d ago

I still think the create a character was better in Wrestlemania 2000, but No Mercy improved on everything else.

-GametimeUK-1208d ago

I was always a Smackdown type of guy and I never owned a 64. When I used to go over to my friends house we would play this and damn was I jealous. I bought it around 4 or so years ago with a nintendo 64. Awesome stuff.

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