Ripten Reviews Unreal Tournament 3 For PS3

Ripten writes:

" always thought of Unreal Tournament as one of those games that stayed exclusive to a platform just because of its evolution on the PC, or maybe because the developers just couldn't see that type of fast-paced FPS played with a joypad. If you're new to the series like me, some things will be apparent the first time you pick up a controller. The first thing you will have to get used to is the controls, since they are not mapped very well to the Sixaxis, and some buttons have no purpose, or are just duplicates."

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Radiomorph3947d ago

The author obviously don't know much about the franchise or the (sub)genre. I find it really hard to take this seriously.

lodossrage3947d ago

Plenty of writers and reviewers try to have "in depth" words on stuff they clearly know NOTHING about.

Kleptic3947d ago

the easiest way to tell that there is a UT noob attempting to write a review about it is when they complain about the single player...the better reviewers will say "since this is UT, don't expect anything groundbreaking in the single player department" or whatever...and yet there are idiots like this that are almost surprised at the campaign...

on top of that...this is not the first UT console port...there were a few UT games to make it to consoles in the past...the significance of UT3 is simply it having mods, and being the first console w/ online network to support it exactly like the PC versions...

terd review...for being such a 'hardcore console gamer'...he is rather behind...

ichimaru3947d ago

Talk about late to the party

EZCheez3947d ago

If it isn't, then it's late as hell and pretty much void of any meaning.

And 7.5 is a ripoff. I only had one problem with the game. It was the singleplayer, but UT3 has never been about singleplayer and that's definitely not what I bought it for.

techie3946d ago

"To coincide with the European release of Unreal Tournament III, I give it a spin to find out whether it’s worth your cash."

And TBH it sounds like the sp sucks - and that should matter. And the mp is broken without voicechat, no ranking, and lag. 7.5 sounds justified enough to me.

sonyfanonly3947d ago

ouch one harsh review out of 50 still i can hear the xbots say flop average review for unreal tournament 8 out of 10

Mr Tretton3946d ago

mouse and keyboard compatible Mr. Moron reviewer

Lord_Ash3946d ago

Yeah this review is worth nothing, absolute rubbish.

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