ATV Wild Ride 3D Will Be The First Racing Game For The Nintendo eShop

Renegade Kid founder, Jools Watsham, tells us about ATV Wild Ride 3D’s featureset and designing AI for a racing game.

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ElectricKaibutsu1237d ago

Most of the article just sounded like PR talk but the pretty in depth section on racing AI was fascinating. Worth the read IMO.

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AdvanceWarsSgt1237d ago

I've been keeping my eye out on this title. I already know about the original DS game RK made, but I've never played it, so I would like to see how RK tackled the ATV racing genre since it isn't their bread-and-butter (horror FPS).

PS4isKing_821237d ago

They need to make a full wiiU version of this. WiiU needs stuff like this. I miss the days of the ps2 ATV offroad fury games. Those were some of my fav games back then.

AdvanceWarsSgt1237d ago

I wasted like 3 months playing ATV Offroad Fury 2.

ElectricKaibutsu1237d ago

Me and my friends always played that beach ball mode. Good times.