The Firefly MMO is back in development

In a post on their re-activated facebook page, DarkCryo Entertainment's Firefly Universe Online, or FUO for short, will return to development with the blessing of 20th Century FOX themselves after the Facebook page was taken down due to Licensing issues.


The Story has been reinstated and edited according to recent news

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Mythicninja1961d ago

I just want firefly itself back :-(

Heisenburger1961d ago

Take my love, take my land...

Agent_00_Revan1961d ago

Just rewatched it 2 weeks ago. I always get sad at the end because I know, that's it, no more.

An MMO could be sweet!

The_Con-Sept1961d ago

This would be an interesting game for me to play. I hate the fact that Joss Weeden had his idea stamped in the face by fox.

And I still think Nathan Fillian is the best choice for a character that is witty and charismatic. Hopefully the game doesn't turn out to be another movie game. Btw.... Serenity is now in my que.