Guillermo del Toro on InSANE: “We are in Talks With a Very, Very Big Company”

Perhaps the most important news to come out of that interview was him giving a status update on the upcoming Insane, which was cancelled back in August due to THQ’s financial woes.

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doctorstrange2017d ago

I wonder if either Sony or MS would be interested in this. Have del Toro's name attached will make for a powerful IP differentiator next gen.

TrendyGamers2017d ago

I'm thinking Capcom or Square Enix.

dbjj120882017d ago

I agree. Definitely third party.

NYC_Gamer2017d ago

EA will be named the publisher

BanBrother2017d ago

EA was the first that came to my mind....unfortunately.
Maybe even Sony, and the i terview was with a PS magazine so maybe.......

Don't care, as long as it is not Activision. Although EA have worse practices, at least they can put out a decent game. Just look at The walking Dead FPS footage from Acti. F***ing horrendous.

Knight_Crawler2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Looks at Avatar - you must be one of those people I heard about that have the ability to wait many many years for a game to release...your probably still waiting on Versus, The Last Guardian and Half Life EP 3.

Don't be surprise when they announce that Nintendo is that big company...Nintendo did promise big games for the Wii U.

adorie2017d ago

Waiting on Mario Bros. here.

showtimefolks2017d ago

Want it to be sony

Very very big

Take two

Let's see

ozzywazzy2017d ago

This could potentially be great. Ni No Kuni proves that film studios, producers, etc. could collaborate for exciting projects.

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The story is too old to be commented.