Fear Returns to Dead Space 3 (OXCGN Preview)


"The need to take cover behind crates to hide from enemy fire only to emerge at the right moment to take a shot, well, the market is flooded with this type of stuff already.

The last thing I wanted to see was the same gameplay I’ve seen countless times in various other franchises especially from a game that had been such a good survival horror game.

Fast forward to today and Visceral are starting to showcase more of what I want: survival horror where I’m required to creep down a corridor with my plasma cutter always drawn in case a Necromorph bursts out of the ceiling vent above, in an attempt to tear me to shreds."

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BadCircuit1961d ago

Well that sounds way more encouraging...

gaminoz1961d ago

I don't mind a bit of shooting, but it needs to keep what made Dead Space famous in the first place.

The co-op hallucination stuff sounds very interesting!

DeusExer1961d ago

Always excited for more Dead Space.

One of the great new IPs to come from EA.

League_of_Draven1961d ago

There is no such thing as fear in Dead Space 3. It's just a generic shooter now.

Proeliator1961d ago

Dude, you're from the future?

How is it? Do we have flying cars?

Root1961d ago

I know it's going to shock you but you can judge a game before it comes out. It's pretty obvious this game won't be scary

Come on man we saw RE5 and RE6 wern't going to be scary and we can see DS3 won't be either.

Proeliator1961d ago


You're going off of the assumption that it's going to be bad because it isn't scary.

Genuine-User1961d ago

I'm going to stay optimistic until it is released. The first two games were good, hoping the same for this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.