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Fear Returns to Dead Space 3 (OXCGN Preview)


"The need to take cover behind crates to hide from enemy fire only to emerge at the right moment to take a shot, well, the market is flooded with this type of stuff already.

The last thing I wanted to see was the same gameplay I’ve seen countless times in various other franchises especially from a game that had been such a good survival horror game.

Fast forward to today and Visceral are starting to showcase more of what I want: survival horror where I’m required to creep down a corridor with my plasma cutter always drawn in case a Necromorph bursts out of the ceiling vent above, in an attempt to tear me to shreds." (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

BadCircuit  +   568d ago
Well that sounds way more encouraging...
gaminoz  +   568d ago
I don't mind a bit of shooting, but it needs to keep what made Dead Space famous in the first place.

The co-op hallucination stuff sounds very interesting!
DeusExer  +   568d ago
Always excited for more Dead Space.

One of the great new IPs to come from EA.
League_of_Draven  +   568d ago
There is no such thing as fear in Dead Space 3. It's just a generic shooter now.
Proeliator  +   568d ago
Dude, you're from the future?

How is it? Do we have flying cars?
Root  +   568d ago
I know it's going to shock you but you can judge a game before it comes out. It's pretty obvious this game won't be scary

Come on man we saw RE5 and RE6 wern't going to be scary and we can see DS3 won't be either.
Proeliator  +   568d ago

You're going off of the assumption that it's going to be bad because it isn't scary.
Genuine-User  +   568d ago
I'm going to stay optimistic until it is released. The first two games were good, hoping the same for this one.
47  +   568d ago
People were whining over the SAME crap when DS2 was announced, then it dropped and those players quickly shut the hell up. Im willing to bet the same happens here. Hell during the press for DS2 EA was saying how they wanted "call of duty level action" yet the game turned out to be better in every way over DS. DS3 will be a great survival horror title the same way DS2 and DS were. Stop bitching because you're just going to look like an idiot come next month.
Root  +   568d ago
No one complained that much with DS2

DS2 was basicaly the reaction people got when they saw RE4 for the first time. DS2 is basicaly RE4 while DS3 is basicaly RE6.

I think I can glady say I'm not going to look like an idiot, least I won't look immature like you.
phantomexe  +   568d ago
What site were you on....They complained to beat all hell before release. I'll keep buying dead space until they burn me on it.I'm keeping an open mind right now.
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jdubdoubleu  +   568d ago
Boo!! Why do they always have to change something!! Boo! Me cry now! :(
Godem  +   568d ago
Can't bloody wait! Wont compared it yet till I play it
BladerunnerZX  +   568d ago
First and foremost Dead Space is the true successor to Resident Evil 4... wich is a good thing.

Secondly Dead Space 1 @ 2 incorporated the best of the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.

Now comes Dead Space 3 ... with co-op ! co-op is neither scary nor intense.

Yes viscersal is a great and talented development team and yes Dead Space 3 will be a good action game.

Dead Space 3 will not be a great horror game. Horror and co-op do not make a scary game.

RE5 is a prime example. Its a good action and co-op game , but scary or horrific it is not.
sprinterboy  +   568d ago
Played DS3 in a EA booth in town here in the UK over the weekend, it was a beta version of the game, when I asked the rep he said it wont be getting a demo. I enjoyed by experience with DS3 being a fan of the series but it was slightly different from the others, my experience was positive despite having to play with a 360 controller which I am not used too but the the game felt solid. There were no scary moment with my playthrough though but it was light in the booth with alot of fifa players in the backdrop.

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