PS4 Needs a Head Start

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

Gamers love a good showdown, and it’s hard to imagine a better one than the PS4 and Next Xbox launching within weeks of each other. This would set the gaming world a blaze; diehards on both sides would revel in the madness. “Who will come out victorious, place your bets!” Predicting the winner of such a showdown should prove easy for any unbiased gamer, though, Microsoft wins. If Sony wants to outsell the Next Xbox in 2013 -- the PS4 needs a head start.

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Catoplepas2053d ago

"Predicting the winner of such a showdown should prove easy for any unbiased gamer, though, Microsoft wins."

Last I checked the PS3 consistently outsold the 360.

You may need to re-evaluate that bias of yours.

Knight_Crawler2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

@ Catopleas - Still does not change the fact that Sony loss a major chunk of gamers to MS.

People forget quickly what a power house the PS1 and PS2 was and even Sony them selfs knew that which was why the they were so arrogant with the PS3 pricing it at $600 and making statements like next gen doe not start until we say so and you can get two jobs to afford a PS3.

The Xbox is the youngest of the 3 and people are not giving MS enough credit for making the 360 a true competitor and threat to the PlayStation brand.

Every one was ragging of the 360 and saying that Sony will kill it like they killed the Dream Cast - remember that the original Xbox sold poorly and the Red Ring fiasco did not help the 360, name one company that could have survived that.

Yes the PS3 is selling well but give credit to MS for giving the PS3 a run for its money and for being in the position to release another console next gen.

AngelicIceDiamond2053d ago

And that's the truth. I couldn't said it better my self.

Sony's doing very good right now but the Xbox did make a name for themselves this gen. Only because MS new what was at stake 2nd time around. I just hope MS doesn't get extremely confident and slips up come next gen.

MrBeatdown2053d ago


What does anything he said have to do with giving Microsoft credit?

Yeah, Microsoft did great this generation. But the fact remains... Microsoft's best performance and Sony's worst performance has resulted in a tie, even after Microsoft's head start. Very impressive. Let's all give the plucky underdog multi-billion dollar corporation a pat on the back for being the little engine that could.

Let's look at facts. Microsoft threw everything they had at Sony. An early launch. A massive price advantage. Acquiring many of the PS1 and PS2's defining franchises.

What did it get Microsoft? A tie. A tie that, if the sales trends remain consistent, could turn into a third place finish.

And now the author of this article acts as if any unbiased gamer can easily see that Sony's only path to success is launching early, just to fight of MS's marketing?

Sorry, but Catoplepas has it right. MS proved they can be competitive with Sony, but they haven't proved "to any unbiased gamer" that they would undoubtedly win in a head to head showdown, especially one in which Sony comes out of the gate strong.

rainslacker2053d ago


I would love to see Sony come out of the gate like they did with the PS1. They had so much momentum, and were the most exciting thing to happen for a long time in the industry. People that weren't around back then just don't seem to realize how game-changing the PS1 was.

Belking2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Next time you should read the entire article, not just the first few sentences. The article makes sense when you look at things like advertising. Sony won't win any wars when it comes to that( mainly because of cash reserves) but they always make up with it by providing a strong lineup of 1st party titles. That alone will keep the ps4 as a strong contender for next gen, but they do have their work cut out for them. PS3 didn't start as strong and wasn't profitable for them as soon as they envisioned but they won't make the same mistake next time. One thing for sure that it is difficult when you go up against someone like MS who is willing to just spend, spend,and spend some more. it makes things more difficult because you have to try and match or better whatever they have to offer......

Some people laughed when MS showcases Kinect on TV shows or have music artist in Kinect ads but that is just smart marketing... Usher and TV host Ellen are bound to sell more of a product than Kevin Butler because out side of gaming no one knows who he is. I know some of you will disagree but it's just the way i see things.

StrongMan2053d ago

"Usher and TV host Ellen are bound to sell more of a product than Kevin Butler because out side of gaming no one knows who he is."

Usher was used to advertise Dance Central 3 and it only sold 400k so your logic is flawed.

Hicken2053d ago

Sony CAN "win wars" when it comes to advertising. It's not necessarily about spending the most, but spending wisely, so Sony can match Microsoft in marketing the way they do with games: quality.

The first party games will come, and companies like ATLUS and others will continue producing third party exclusives for Sony. There's really no need to worry about them on that front.

And while you say it's difficult, Sony seems to have matched and surpassed Microsoft in units sold(to say nothing of fielding so many devices at once). It's actually more accurate to say Microsoft only managed to make it as far as they did because of their propensity to spend, spend, spend, and spend some more.

What was Ellen selling? StrongMan debunked you with Usher, and though I like Ellen, I can't see her being THAT influential. She's not Oprah. And I may be mistaken, but did the Kevin Butler commercials only show up on TVs that gamers were watching? I could have sworn all sorts of people were able to see those ads.

You may say you're unbiased or something, but that just makes it more ironic that every comment you make regarding Sony and/or Microsoft has the same "Sony did good, BUT" tone to it.

Proeliator2053d ago


Oh, so sales in the US - the largest market - don't count?

Sound logic.

Proeliator2053d ago

360 has been the number one selling console for 23 months now.

Not sure if you know math, but that's almost two years.

Keep living in a bubble.

Ezz20132053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

"360 has been the number one selling console for 23 months now."

he's talking about world wide numbers
while you are talking about USA numbers

Catoplepas2053d ago

I am indeed referring to worldwide numbers.

I suggest you take your own advice.

MysticStrummer2053d ago

The sales gap has shrunk consistently since PS3 launched. Not sure if you know math, but that means PS3 sells more.

Keep practicing your arithmetic.

jessupj2053d ago

Ironic how you talk about living in a bubble when you're only talking about the US sales.

Not sure if you know basic geography, but there's a whole lot more out there than just the US.

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Rockubot2053d ago

I would have to say Xbox 720 should take a headstart instead.

hardcorehippiez2053d ago

id say its going to need it , after the fiasco of rrod i know a lot of people thats not going to touch an xbox until they see if it is reliable.

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Belking2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

You are missing the point here. When you advertise a game, you aren't only doing just that. You are also advertising xbox360. Out of those 400,000 copies sold I'll bet that some xbox360s went right along with them. How do you think MS has sold 73 million consoles so far? It's called good business and smart advertising. Something you obviously know nothing about. You just stick to trolling. You seem to know that area pretty well. You are pretty pitiful as usual.

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