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Will GTA 5 Appear on the PS Vita?

Gi - With GTA 5 releasing this spring, it’s never too late to speculate on how the newest entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise will impress and innovate. Though Rockstar has only announced the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5, an online petition for a PC version has reached over 100,000 signatures. Suffice it to say, any gamer who doesn’t get to play the newest GTA on their platform of choice will feel left out. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS Vita)

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fantasygamer  +   812d ago
I would rather have a GTA made specifically for Vita instead of a port of 5. like GTA Liberty City Stories 2 or GTA San Andreas Stories.
Nitrowolf2  +   812d ago
yea me to, I don't want GTA V on PS Vita TBH, I want a new unique one for it's hardware. Not saying I want them to use the Vita's gyro feature, touchpad and ect. I just want something unique and completely different than GTA5 on it. though San Andreas Remake for the Vita would be awesome
iamnsuperman  +   812d ago | Intelligent
I wouldn't mind a bit of remote play functionality for GTA V though.
Kingofwiiu  +   812d ago
There's prety much no way the vita could run GTAV. Isn't it going to be like 16GB+ game ?

The game would have to be rebuilt for the ps vita. That I would love. But no way in hell is that handheld powerfull enough to run GTAV.

YES I know it's an amazing handheld with the world most powerfull portable graphics. That DOES NOT mean it's powerfull enough to run GTAV. Or the vast majority of Ps3 and 360 games for that matter.
ShabbaRanks  +   811d ago
Imagine using ur vita as a map screen in GTA5 :)
bakasora  +   811d ago
nope. its too late
riverstars86  +   811d ago
I'm with Kingofwiiu, there is no way to port GTA5 to the Vita. Anyone that disagreed with him is just a mindless fanboy.
NukaCola  +   811d ago
I am torn between San Andreas Stories or Chinatown Wars 2 on Vita. I think CTW on DS is one of the best GTAs out there. It has DRUG WARS and a stellar WANTED SYSTEM. I's like to see a GTA on Vita after playing Need for Speed Most Wanted anything open world on Vita is possible.
Kingofwiiu  +   812d ago
@Iamsuperman - that's a good idea.

But I think the vita should get a graphical overhaul of San andreas , that would be sweet or an entirely new GTA/Rockstar game in general.

You just know Rockstar will do SOMETHING with the vita eventually. Even if it's just a graphically upgraded port.
tachy0n  +   812d ago
"But no way in hell is that handheld powerfull enough to run GTAV."

LOL ^ that coming from somebody that thinks Resident evil 3DS looks better than Uncharted: Golden Abyss..

poor kid still doesnt know the PSVita is one of the most powerful handhelds to date... awww..

go take a look at need for speed most wanted PSVita it runs perfectly like it does on the PS3 and its the full game, the same applies with wipeout also..

rockstar did the same thing with the PSP and PS2 with Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories and it was a job very well done, of course they can bring GTA V to the PSVita.
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jujubee88  +   812d ago
GTA: The Golden
Let's make it happen, Rockstar and ATLUS!
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JoGam  +   812d ago
I wish GTA China Wars was remade for Vita. I know you can play the PSP version but a optimized version for Vita would have been awesome.
SynGamer  +   811d ago
Honestly, I would prefer GTA V on the Vita just like the console versions will get, but with cross-play/cross-saves AND possibly some Vita specific content. How awesome would it be to play some GTA V during the day, and then pick up where you left off later on your console (PS3 obviously).

If not that, then something very similar to AC3 and AC3: Liberation.
badz149  +   811d ago
GTA V? Hell NO!
but there's always San Andreas Stories and Chinatown Stories that they can explore! GO R*! You guys know you guys wanna do it and you guys know they are gonna be a hit on Vita!
showtimefolks  +   811d ago
I think there will be a GTA title for vita not GTA 5 maybe. Psp GTA games sold quite well so t could work out for both parties, Sony could get a system seller game and RS will make money because GTA name is big enough to sell
Bowzabub  +   812d ago
If Rockstar is smart they will release 3 different Vita games, 1 for each of the 3 protagonists. 3 different prequels to tell back stories. This way the game(s) will not be sketchy & they would make a huge killing. Make it happen R*
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lodossrage  +   812d ago
You know...
That's actually a damn good idea. It would be basically using the Vita as a side story/ side game machine (something the PSP was called and mocked for)

But it could work.
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piroh  +   812d ago
but it would need hell of a cooperation with Sony. see what happened to Agent

btw, where is a new Midnight club?
lodossrage  +   811d ago
see what happened to Agent?
What does Agent have to do with this? And what happened to it? I haven't heard anything about it outside of that E3 conference years ago.

Care to elaborate?
LOGICWINS  +   812d ago
That would ensure that people would HAVE to buy Vitas if they want to experience these side stories. Great idea.
Baka-akaB  +   812d ago
Lol judging at disagree someone is feeling queezy at the thought of needing to buy 3 different gta games .

I'm all for it
Bowzabub  +   812d ago
Yeah, as long as they all have different aspects to it. Like LatD & BoGT. I'm down.
vickers500  +   812d ago
Unless each individual game is priced 20+ bucks lower than the average Vita game or they all come in some $65 dollar bundle, or are at least stretched out (by at least a year), then that would be a terrible idea.

Who is going to buy three 40 dollar games just to get the full GTAV experience? Because if that's what they decide to do, then that creates the perception that you're not getting the full experience, but instead paying 120 bucks for what ps3/360 only charges 60 bucks for.

Long term it might work, but short term, it would probably fail.
Theangrybogan  +   812d ago
"Who is going to buy three 40 dollar games just to get the full GTAV experience?"


Not all people are broke or tight-arsed. The more GTA the better I say.
SoundGamer  +   811d ago
People seem to have short-term memory. PSP games launched at $39.99 too, remember?

GTA games on the PSP sold millions worldwide.

Chinatown wars sold over 1 million on PSP.

Vice City Stories sold over 5 million on PSP.

Liberty City Stories sold over 8 million on PSP.

So that's three GTA games on PSP that millions were more than happy to pay $40 for. Sure you can get them for less now that the time passed, but those were the average launch prices of the games.
Bowzabub  +   811d ago
Yeah, I highly doubt they would release them all at once. I don't believe that was ever part of the conversation. But even if they were somehow miraculously released together, people would still buy them. Might not sell like CoD right away, but I don't believe they would flop by any stretch of the imagination either. (edit@ Vickers)^^^ And as far as the full GTA experience; I noticed that the timed exclusive DLC for X-Box didn't stop the PS3 version of GTA4 from selling into the high millions. What I'm talking about would be strictly for fan service. Millions of people would still buy GTA5 and not bat an eye at the Vita versions.
Regardless, these are purely hypotheticals.
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vickers500  +   811d ago
"I don't believe that was ever part of the conversation."

The original commenter didn't suggest either option, so I was just replying to one of the two possibilities.


The difference is though, is that there was at least a year minimum between those releases.

Liberty City Stories PSP - October 24, 2005
Vice City Stories PSP - October 30, 2006
Chinatown Wars PSP - October 20, 2009

If 3 GTA games came out for Vita on the same day, each costing 40 bucks a piece, I'd think it was a money grabbing ripoff attempt. Why not just bundle them all together for the same price, or just slightly higher? It would seem like they are intentionally cutting content just to get money from the consumer.

"the timed exclusive DLC for X-Box didn't stop the PS3 version of GTA4 from selling into the high millions."

Because at that time, the DLC was just that, DLC. It wasn't a full fledged game (idk how long the bogt or latd is, so I don't know if it's on par with full fledged games, but back then, it was only exclusive "dlc" that nobody had any idea what it would be about). So that's not really comparable
SoundGamer  +   811d ago

Why on Earth would three GTA games come out on the same day for one system? It has never happened in the past and I hardly believe anyone was suggesting that it happens in the future.

There is no way that the company would even have a development schedule and budget for that sort of thing.

I don't think anyone was expecting three GTA games for the Vita on one day or even within one year.
vickers500  +   811d ago
"It has never happened in the past and I hardly believe anyone was suggesting that it happens in the future."

The disagrees to my comment and Theangrybogans comment (and the 6 agrees he got with it)suggest it. That was the point of my whole comment, and nobody would have replied to it or disagreed with it if they had a problem with all 3 games coming out the same day.

My point is that it would be a terrible idea, and I said as much in my comment, and people disagreed with it. I didn't say it would be a terrible idea to do all the games 'at some point', I said it would be a terrible idea to launch them all together.

Unless these agree/disagree ers don't know what the words "disagree" and "agree" mean, then at LEAST 6 people here suggest that it would be a good idea.
enkeixpress  +   812d ago
Rockstar have a GTA title in the works for the PS Vita, that's for damn sure.
thezeldadoth  +   812d ago
i dont think they want to throw away money. Vita just isn't a viable platform to sink money into.
porkChop  +   812d ago
That's why they should test the waters by releasing the 10th Anniversary Editions on the Vita. That would be very easy to do, and very cheap. I'd prefer if they upped the graphics a little more first though. But that would be an easy, cheap, and fast way to see the demand for GTA on the Vita.
thezeldadoth  +   812d ago
i agree on that. i'm in no way bashing the vita as i know its a great piece of mobile hardware. Its just not doing so well critically or financially and its a huge risk right now to sink millions of dollars into.
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Ult iMate  +   811d ago
Ubisoft is happy and satisfied with Assassin's Creed Liberation sales for Vita. Go google it. And Liberation is a big game.
I think, Vita owners for now are mostly hardcore gamers, that support good games. So even GTA remakes have a good chance to sell well, not to mention install base growth with hypothetical GTA release for Vita.
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porkChop  +   812d ago
I don't want a GTA V port. Just give me GTA: Vice City Nights. A new, original exclusive built specifically for the Vita would be much better than a port. I'm really surprised that Rockstar released the 10th Anniversary Editions of III and Vice City on iOS and Android, but completely skipped the Vita. I've heard from many developers that an Android version pretty much equals a Vita version, because the hardware is the same, and the OS are both based on Linux so they're very similar. Seems like a missed opportunity.
nevin1  +   812d ago
The Vita could use GTA just like how Liberty City Stories helped PSP.
tachy0n  +   812d ago
GTA V: San Andreas Stories!

we already have enough of Liberty City and Vice city its San Andreas turn....
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_LarZen_  +   812d ago
Rockstar wont waiste time or money on a Vita version. Fanboys will click disagree like crazy but thats kids for you...
Godchild1020  +   812d ago
People said the same thing about the DS and that got a GTA game. So, I don't think it's fanboys disagreeing with you.
ronin4life  +   812d ago
The difference is the ds was massively succesful by that point. The Vita is currently not, in an environment where western devs are more horrified by the prospect of handheld game development than ever before.. and few ever thought foundly of handheld development in the first place.
VitaOwner  +   811d ago
A GTA game on the Vita would be a definite system seller. That would be an incentive for rockstar because releasing a game will sell more systems which will sell more of their games.
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Ult iMate  +   811d ago
Ubisoft is happy and satisfied with Assassin's Creed Liberation sales for Vita. Go google it. And Liberation is a big game.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   812d ago
A R* Vita Exclusive GTA insted of 5... would really move some Vitas I believe!
stefan771  +   812d ago
If Rockstar do make a Vita game, hopefully they will port it to consoles like LCS and VCS
Deku-Johnny  +   812d ago
I doubt they'd want to downscale the game so much so it can run on Vita, that's a fools errand. They'll probably create a Vita spin off like with Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation.
iamnsuperman  +   812d ago
Hopefully they will test it better than what the Assassin's Creed: Liberation's developers did. That is one buggy game and I am saying this only being about 2/5 of the way through
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Deku-Johnny  +   811d ago
To be fair AC3 is terribly buggy too.
KING85  +   811d ago
This piece may be a bit lengthy and stray off topic but stay with me.
I doubt this game will come to the Vita (initially that is). I love my Vita, but the only way I can see it coming to that platform is 6 months to a year from the original launch date. I think what most third party developers are going to do is look at is how much more hardware Sony can sell. I've enjoyed AC Liberations, PSABR, MK and the instant game collection I have with PS+, but the chances of this happening are quite slim if we are taken into account the current install base. It would not make sense business wise if one considers how many Vitas they are presently. Like many others have mentioned I would prefer a GTA made specifically for the Vita if that.
I know there will be those who say I'm out of mind and I don't really have a Vita (unfortunately allegiance sometimes clouds an individual's sound reasoning), but the Vita at this moment is not selling as one should hope no matter how Sony reps try to lead on. I find it hard to believe a company would be happy being outsold handily by their competition. It's kind of sad to watch Sony struggle with their handheld (and they are struggling compared to their console). I agree with most analyst and I'll say the Vita needs a price drop on the system itself and the memory cards. I'm not worried about the games as I'm sure they will come. The technology is there but when you have to drop $250 for a system and then drop around $100 to store your more than 1 game you'll be downloading, it then adds up to be quite a pretty penny. We all saw what the price drop did for the PS3, so Sony could not be that oblivious. Shareholders might not like it, and people might say fans are writing Sony off like with blu-ray and the PS3 when it first launched. The situations are similar in some sense, but because of the changing market of handhelds (yes tablets have bitten into the market people so let the silly fanboyism cease one from denial), are not in demand as they once were as you have other devices to keep one's gaming company. Might not be the same experience, but gaming has changed. Let 's hope Sony can find a way of turning things around.
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RuperttheBear  +   811d ago
'This piece'

This piece? You're not making an article. What you just did was post in a comment section.
KING85  +   811d ago
Yeah that's what I actually meant. Sorry for the mix up.
jjb1981  +   811d ago
Remote Play!
RGB  +   811d ago
Don't want GTA V on Vita or GTA: San Andreas Stories (Old and dated).
I'd rather have a standalone title using the GTA V map but have a completely different story, maybe a prequel or sequel campaign to the GTA V game. Now that would be cool and a system seller.

Remote Play for GTA V would be major! Vita can do it, we've seen mods and hacks playing RDR on PS Vita so it's possible!

**2nd Edit**
Wouldn't mind seeing the Vita GTA ported to consoles (PS4, 3rd Xbox and even PC) 2 years after release also, like LCS & VCS did with PS2.
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heeman  +   811d ago
Yo stop fucking playing wwith people money and put the shit on their all that money 4 what to lie and bullshit 2 lie and bs 2 lie and bs 2lie and bs 2 lie and bs !
Belking  +   811d ago
The vita could use a system seller title like this one. If this title won't, nothing will.
tubers  +   811d ago
VITA'd be lucky to get either a GTA V port or a new GTA Vita.
DJ  +   811d ago
It can handle the game, but Sony has to cough up some money to make the development costs worth it for a handheld with only 4 million units sold.
SteveQuinn  +   811d ago
Not sure if GTAV will have some kind of PSVita thing going on but what I would love to see is some cool Smartglass features.

Related video
bozebo  +   811d ago
No. It won't. They'll certainly make more GTAs for handheld platforms though.
Kennytaur  +   811d ago
Why bother petitioning for a PC version? It going to happen anyway.

And I'd rather have a GTA made for Vita from the start.
KillerPwned  +   811d ago
I am calling it an exclusive GTA for Vita announced at E3. Sony could really use that, I love the Vita I have one but I but business wise it could be selling a lot better.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   811d ago
... did anyone read past the headline? The article isn't about a port of GTA 5 on the Vita but how the Vita could be used with the PS3.

The author has some cool ideas like when you're playing as one of the three main characters the Vita could be showing you what one of the other characters is doing. If he's doing something interesting like stealing a nice car you could just switch to that character. That sounds fun to me. But, can the PS3 stream lag free video to the Vita in game like that? I know it can in remote play but this would be more like the Wii U.
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EffectO  +   811d ago
kingPoS  +   811d ago
If GTA5 did migrate over to the Vita, it would likely have the largest game card size to date. You would probably need a 16gb mem card to have room to spare. Realistically the game might be around 6.78gb give or take a few mb if it came to the Vita.
francia   811d ago | Spam
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   811d ago
Gamesgbkiller  +   811d ago
There is nothing for pc .. so why vita ?
I hope there is a stand alone title for the thought :)
tigertron  +   811d ago
Give me San Andreas stories!
Soldierone  +   811d ago
I honestly don't see why devs can't just downscale the games for Vita? Like Need for Speed did. I'm completely fine with it. If a games good, then visuals don't matter at all to me. It looks great anyways, especially on a handheld.
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