GameTap: GDC 08: Lego Indiana Jones Preview

GameTap writes: While overuse of words like "cute" and "adorable" typically makes me want to throw up, it's pretty unavoidable for me every time I see one of the Lego games. Last night LucasArts showed off the opening level (the Lost Temple of the Hovitos) from their upcoming Lego Indiana Jones. And I have to say that spiders and crocodiles have never been so freaking…cute. Or adorable.

One of the most fun things about Lego Star Wars was replaying levels and finding all the minikits that were hidden around; the equivalent collectible in Lego Indy will be relics. Also, as you accumulate lego studs throughout the level, you'll be able to use them back at Barnett College to purchase other characters. The developers said that we can expect little surprises from other Lucas properties to pop up in the game, so our bet is that some Star Wars characters might be available to buy, but we'll have to wait the game comes out this fall to find out.

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