Can Nintendo Continue to Live in the Past

Nintendo was once a proud company, delivering fun titles and uniting gamers; friends and family in fun quality time under the same roof. As times have changed however, Nintendo proves more and more that they have not, locking themselves in a weatherproof time-capsule and being left behind in contrast to the rest of the gaming industry.

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chadboban2052d ago

While this article does have a point, you can't exactly state how Nintendo continues to live in the past without somewhat specifying how the competition has moved ahead of them. The only point pretty much mentioned or should I say focused on in this article is graphics. Other than that nothing else is really specified. It's a decent topic to discuss but the article needs to go deeper than just graphics. Also that "ridiculous controller" as the article refers to the Wii U gamepad is quite comfortable, maybe they should try it before calling it ridiculous.

Also, I get why Nintendo is always called out for their "gimmicks" since they tend to be the main focus of their systems (at least since the Wii and the DS). But calling out Nintendo on gimmicks is becoming less and less of a relevant point when the other companies also have their own gimmicks. Hell, Sony had the Eye Toy back in the PS2 days and the Vita has a whole bunch of what people refer to as "gimmicks", like the touch screen, back touch panel, front and rear facing cameras, motion sensing etc. and Microsoft has the Kinect and Smartglass as well.

Anyhow, if you don't like Nintendo, that's fine, we're all different, if we we're all the same the world would be pretty damn boring if you ask me. I personally like them the same as I like Sony since they are what I grew up on. One they continue to makes games that I like I'll continue to support them. I'll get a Wii U in the future and a Vita as well to add to my PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, PSP, PS2, N64, PS1, SNES, Dreamcast(Yes, I have a Dreamcast), Genesis, GBA etc. Fanboys can suck it.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2052d ago

"Well Said" Good Sir, Whhe-heh-ell Said!

iamnsuperman2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

The gimmick point is really dependent on developers. I agree some games will use the Vita as a gimmick but I recently played LBP PS Vita and they make the "gimmick" side of the Vita less gimmicky (i.e. it was intuitive to use and it made sense to use it that way). That is what needs to happen to Nintendo with their system because it is in danger of becoming one big gimmick (being in its first year). They really need to make sure that a precedent of "appropriate" gimmicks are not made because this controller doesn't have to be a gimmick but could be made into one.

My main issue with Nintendo is their games. The just never seem to take risks with their games. The old franchises are fine but where are these new mature franchises? They announced Bayonetta which is great (step in the right direction even though I do not like Bayonetta) but they need to go further than that.

live2play2052d ago

you meant ''i recently played LPB VITA and they made the gimmick side of the vita less ''gimmicky''

that vita DOES have gimmicks, no need to put it in quotation marks. but then again i dont really think you know what ''gimmick'' means going by the dictionary defenition.
but instead the ''lol motion controller herr derrp''

''my main issue with nintendo is their games...where are these mature franchises... they announced bayonneta''

bayonetta is not being developed by nintendo

nintendo doesnt do M rated games that include boobs blood sex guns and gore
thats not what ''taking risks is all about''

what an idiot

iamnsuperman2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

"nintendo doesnt do M rated games that include boobs blood sex guns and gore"

Mature games doesn't mean that. A mature game needs mature themes in general. There is more to being mature than "boobs blood sex guns and gore"

Also don't call me an idiot. Not exactly a way to start a friendly discussion.

ShaunCameron2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

@ iamnsuperman

<Mature games doesn't mean that. A mature game needs mature themes in general. There is more to being mature than "boobs blood sex guns and gore">

Too bad this is exactly what PS360 fanboys mean by Nintendo being too "kiddy" for them while those very same M-rated games they rave about are continually giving the industry a bad name every other time a mass murder happens. And who can blame the critics when they seem to be the only kind of games that get fanfare and dominate their respective top 30 lifetime sales charts?

chadboban2052d ago

I dunno man, I mean, The Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower seemed pretty risky, especially in a time where people can't seem to stop talking about how irrelevant JRPGs have become, and they took a chance on them. Also Kid Icarus is quite risky as well, I mean bringing back a game from over two decades ago and not only that but completely changing the gameplay from 2D sidescroller to a combination of on-rails aerial sequences and on foot third person combat. I'm only mentioning a couple of examples here but these game only came out last year. I hope that Nintendo can continue to take risks like they have been recently.

I get why people have lost faith in them (I mean I could practically hear Wii's being thrown out of windows after e3 2008), but from the couple of games that I mentioned I can tell that they're willing to try new things. All those games explore mature themes, even Kid Icarus(trust me, you might be surprised), and I hope they continue to do that with more new IPs and maybe even in their own franchises.

Jadedz2051d ago

Anyways, Metroid: Other M comes to mind the types of games you believe Nintendo should be doing (Prime 3 can also be considered because there're voice overs in the game).

I've witness what Nintendo could do with moderate hardware when compared to the competition (Both Super Mario Galaxy's, for instance). Let's see what happens now that they've embraced HD styled gaming.

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corrus2052d ago

HAHAHAHAAH Nintendo never had stop to live in the oast

SolidDuck2052d ago

I don't like Nintendo and I prob never will, there games just don't appeal to me. But the wii sold a ton, and the 3ds is selling a ton. And people love there franchises, like Zelda , Mario, metroid, ect. Nintendo can kinda do whatever the want, cause they have there fans and there systems always appeal to kids. There so called gimmicks always seem to work out well for them. Although I won't be buying a wiiu I'm sure it's going to do fine, and I think the gamepad is a good idea for Nintendo.

AdvanceWarsSgt2051d ago

i appreciate your honesty about not liking Nintendo. Most people here just beat around the bush or just blatantly post false things in order to troll.

I also largely agree with your post, though I'd add that Nintendo does appeal to teens and young adults who grew up playing their systems. You won't believe how many 20+ yr. olds own DSes and 3DSes, for example.

ElectricKaibutsu2052d ago

From what I gathered from this article is that Nintendo used to appeal to families. They brought families together and created games people of all ages enjoy. Now it's 2012... and they continue to do just that, and make a heck of a lot of money, and the author doesn't like that. The author then claims that they are living in the past. OK. So Nintendo has always made kid games and when the author was a kid, that was fine. Now that he's an adult is he angry at Nintendo because he is no longer their target market?

I don't know if I'm dense or what but I think the author is telling Nintendo to "adapt to survive" as if they aren't straight up raking in the cash. If the Wii U tanks then Nintendo will have to do some hard thinking about their strategies, but so far things are going great. Let's see if they hit their 5.5 mil projected Wii Us sold by April and then decide whether or not Nintendo knows what they're doing.

Nevers0ft2052d ago

Another article where the author doesn't understand the meaning of mature... Longing for boobs in a game isn't exactly a sign of maturity - it's the sign that you haven't seen any in real life. Those of us who have had chance to grow hairs in weird places (I've lost control of my ears and nostrils) just want our games to be fun and addictive.

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