Ouya Unboxing: The Open Source Console Generation Begins

Kickstarter, and other crowd source funding programs have opened the flood gates for independents in every industry. None more so than gaming. It is a paradigm shift that has brought a Ouya to our attention. It is the first console created with funding from gamers. Using an Android platform that is desperate for a herald to lead the charge of open source os development. Welcome to the open source generation gamers. This is only the beginning.

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ritsuka6662017d ago

I see no reason to buy this console, give me one good reason to buy it besides the fact that it is hackable.

Knight_Crawler2017d ago

because you might have some family member's over who do not play JRPG's or FPS -_-

This is not meant for the hardcore gamer but more for the casual crowd who wants to take the iPad experience to the big screen.

Kevin ButIer2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

wow no love for Ouya... come on it's a nice 99 dls toy. You can mess enough with it for that price.

cannon88002017d ago

can't they already pretty much do that with their phones/computers/laptops/table ts? It really isn't that great.

SonyNGP2017d ago

Who do you think we are? Ouya sales reps?

nukeitall2017d ago

Well for one, wacky games like MindCraft might appear on it and be a huge hit.

That said, I'm not buying it and indie games has a history of being mostly turds. Even when there are some really high quality indie games, I still tend to pick the big AAA games.

In short, it is my personal preference, but there are plenty of people that love those wacky (and great) indie games. They are just not for me.

Blacktric2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

They somehow put a fan...


You have to pay 99 dollars to see how it works though. But at least you'll get to play mobile games on your TV.


inb4 Ouya is more powerful than a phone and games will look better etc.

It's a scam for God's sake and some tards haven't realized it yet and keep acting arrogant like they know two sh*ts about development and acting like Ouya is the second coming and will usher a new age of gaming (GOD FORBID!).


"Media centre."

Why not get a Raspberry Pi then? It costs less, it takes less space, etc.

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Npugz72017d ago

There is no reason to buy this garbage!

EddieNX 2017d ago

I'm not all about power and graphics , but the Ouya is litteraly 2 underpowered. It runs a tegra 3 chip. Which is basically a PoS in a console.

It's not even half as powerfull as a 360 or ps3.
The wiiu has it's gamepad and a powerfull GPGPU.

The ouya is a mobile phone in a box. I hope all these kickstarters vanish and let the big three do what they do.

Sarobi2017d ago

Won't happen. even if these consoles aren't good.. they will follow the trend of Smartphones and Tablets.. release every year in different models and pretty much do the same stuff. I'm sure somewhere Google is smiling knowing they have a hand in everywhere right now

3-4-52017d ago

ok but that doesn't matter because if they re-released the SNES & Games people would buy it still.

hobohunterz2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@kingoffwiiu Hmm that username calling a $99 console shit that is not even a threat to the big 2

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Kennytaur2017d ago

Then don't, you narrow-minded fool of a took!

chcolatesnw2017d ago

i honestly think id rather get a apple tv or cable (cheaper) if i really wanted ipad games on big screen. but even so what is the point??? games that are designed for ipad/tablets are also designed to be perfectly playable on the screen that you already have. and if someone would want to play infinity blade on the big screen why not just play a console game that is actually a hell of a lot higher quality in terms of gameplay, story, character development, graphics ... etc??? this thing is useless at 100 bones, maybe if it was like 29.99 then I'd get it just for kicks but even then i'd have a hard time justifying since i don't even play mobile games all that much. only ones i can say i played longer than 5 minutes was cut the rope.

Lior2017d ago

It is very stupid to buy this, the main selling point they are saying is that it is an open "console"(it aint a console) and what big budget games are going to be released if anyone hacks it and gets games for free, what developers want their software out in no mans land open to be hacked.

Janitor2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

PC has a lot of big budget games, and you can easily pirate pretty much all of them. What's the difference?

Sarobi2017d ago

Ouya is aimed to the free-to-play audience.. games that come to it will be made by indie developers and will cost nothing for the most part.

wastedcells2017d ago

The indie scene will love this. Like all consoles it's about the games. All we can do is wait and see what happens.

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