'Maybe it's time for Sega to make the new generation of consoles exciting'

CVG - So the next generation of gaming is about to begin (following the release of the Wii U) and of course Sony and Microsoft will bring out new consoles. Most probably sooner rather than later as the Wii U needs some competition. Inevitably when this does happen the new PlayStation and Xbox will be battling it out with each other, which leaves the Wii U somewhat forgotten about; just waiting for something to come along that they can really compete with.

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IRetrouk1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I would love a dreamcast 2 but i dont think they have the money anymore

guitarded771901d ago

No, they don't. SEGA's current business model is great for them. Making games for all systems makes them more money, and for them to build hardware, they would have to pull away from being a 3rd party dev/publisher to give people a reason to buy their console. Hardware development and production is not where these companies make their money... they make their money in software, and I see absolutely no reason for SEGA to take a huge chance in a market with 3 major consoles, and Valve fixing to jump in the ring. However, I'm sure they're watching things like the NeoGeo X and Android consoles to see what the market is going to do with lower priced hardware. It's a low investment, and if they take off, SEGA could make a quick cash grab with a dedicated SEGA console with all the classics, but still don't think it would be worth their effort since the classic SEGA titles are available for download everywhere.

IAMERROR1901d ago

I love Sega but there is zero chance of this happening. They make great games but they don't seem to sell very well, well except Sonic.

jdubdoubleu1901d ago

Sonic doesn't even sell well.

prototypeknuckles1901d ago

sega always were ahead of their time, but they dont have the resources to make a new console, sadly :(

LOGICWINS1901d ago

I'd buy a Dreamcast 2 over the PS4/720 any day.

Knight_Crawler1901d ago

Agreed...I was a big Sega Fanboy in the days.

boybato1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Shenmue, anyone?

Well, I haven't really played the game since I really did not own a Dreamcast back in the days though I've watched Long Plays of the game and would really want to have an HD collection of this game.

Chug1901d ago

You'd buy something that will likely never exist over something we know nothing about? I'd buy all three :)

guitarded771901d ago

But you haven't even seen the specs of the PS4/720, or the hypothetical Dreamcast 2. It would be interesting to see what market SEGA would go after with a console of their own. Would they make it top of the line, or would they simply build a capable machine. If you look at SEGA's offerings as a dev/pub, they continue to make the same games you would expect as if they had a console. They keep the all age favorite Sonic titles, and make the more core eastern/western titles. SEGA has been great about making core games that appeal to both cultures.

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AngelicIceDiamond1901d ago

Would love to see it. But it'll never happen.

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