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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1129d ago | opinion piece

'Maybe it's time for Sega to make the new generation of consoles exciting'

CVG - So the next generation of gaming is about to begin (following the release of the Wii U) and of course Sony and Microsoft will bring out new consoles. Most probably sooner rather than later as the Wii U needs some competition. Inevitably when this does happen the new PlayStation and Xbox will be battling it out with each other, which leaves the Wii U somewhat forgotten about; just waiting for something to come along that they can really compete with. (Culture, Sega)

IRetrouk  +   1129d ago
I would love a dreamcast 2 but i dont think they have the money anymore
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guitarded77  +   1129d ago
No, they don't. SEGA's current business model is great for them. Making games for all systems makes them more money, and for them to build hardware, they would have to pull away from being a 3rd party dev/publisher to give people a reason to buy their console. Hardware development and production is not where these companies make their money... they make their money in software, and I see absolutely no reason for SEGA to take a huge chance in a market with 3 major consoles, and Valve fixing to jump in the ring. However, I'm sure they're watching things like the NeoGeo X and Android consoles to see what the market is going to do with lower priced hardware. It's a low investment, and if they take off, SEGA could make a quick cash grab with a dedicated SEGA console with all the classics, but still don't think it would be worth their effort since the classic SEGA titles are available for download everywhere.
IAMERROR  +   1129d ago
I love Sega but there is zero chance of this happening. They make great games but they don't seem to sell very well, well except Sonic.
jdubdoubleu  +   1129d ago
Sonic doesn't even sell well.
prototypeknuckles  +   1129d ago
sega always were ahead of their time, but they dont have the resources to make a new console, sadly :(
LOGICWINS  +   1129d ago
I'd buy a Dreamcast 2 over the PS4/720 any day.
Knight_Crawler  +   1129d ago
Agreed...I was a big Sega Fanboy in the days.
BeAGamer  +   1129d ago
PS4 ftw!
boybato  +   1129d ago
Shenmue, anyone?

Well, I haven't really played the game since I really did not own a Dreamcast back in the days though I've watched Long Plays of the game and would really want to have an HD collection of this game.
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Chug  +   1129d ago
You'd buy something that will likely never exist over something we know nothing about? I'd buy all three :)
guitarded77  +   1129d ago
But you haven't even seen the specs of the PS4/720, or the hypothetical Dreamcast 2. It would be interesting to see what market SEGA would go after with a console of their own. Would they make it top of the line, or would they simply build a capable machine. If you look at SEGA's offerings as a dev/pub, they continue to make the same games you would expect as if they had a console. They keep the all age favorite Sonic titles, and make the more core eastern/western titles. SEGA has been great about making core games that appeal to both cultures.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1129d ago
Would love to see it. But it'll never happen.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1129d ago
NastyLeftHook0  +   1129d ago
thats the one
Y_5150  +   1129d ago
My favorite one
ylwzx3  +   1129d ago
Dreamcast was at the peak of the best console gaming times.... It has been up and down after that... It just doesn't seem to be the same anymore :(

I own 2 dreamcasts just in case one dies ;)
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PS4isKing_82  +   1129d ago
same here man. i own 2 dc consoles as well for that same reason.

and for the record, i'd buy a new sega console first before any others. i loved the hell out of my dreamcast back in 1999. and still do.

lots of fond memories with grandia 2, sonic adventure 2, shenmue, crazy taxi and many more.
MaleManSam  +   1129d ago
I'd buy anything that'd give me Shenmue 3...
BeAGamer  +   1129d ago
what if it was a Wii U exclusive?
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MaleManSam  +   1129d ago
I wouldn't have a problem with that. Why would there be?
animegamingnerd  +   1129d ago
i don't think sega can afford one
RyuX19  +   1129d ago
I just want SEGA to give me Yakuza 5.
NYC_Gamer  +   1129d ago
SEGA can't afford to join the console market again
Psychonaughty  +   1129d ago
I was the biggest Sega fanboy I knew back in the day but after the MegaCD/32X/Saturn/Dreamcast disasters I won't be burned again, I hope they become a videogame powerhouse again though.
rapidturtle  +   1129d ago
I loved my Dreamcast. Those were the days. 2k football blew Madden out of the water,and playing it online was awesome.
hazardman  +   1129d ago
Sega was my favorite back in the days. My 1st video game console was Sega Master System which came cartridge/card slot games. It was awesome! I owned every console they made and wish they had stuck around. They have one of the greatest game catalogs ever. They had best Sport games too with their 2K series. Yes if you didnt know, Sega brought you the best Basketball and Football games ever. EA who. Anyway I wish they would revive some of their old franchises for next gen consoles.
kalkano  +   1129d ago
"They have one of the greatest game catalogs ever."

^ That is an absolutely true statement. But, they've also taken a giant crap on almost every single one of them.
BaconBits  +   1129d ago
If the Dreamcast had DVD it would have done much better. I bought a PS2 for $450 at launch because a stand alone DVD player was at least the same price at the time. I still have my Dreamcast but I have not hooked it up for a long time.
Kingofwiiu  +   1129d ago
Is this article serious ? Leaving the wiiu forgotten about ? In your dreams. Forgotten about when it has a much larger installed base than both the ps4 and 720 ? Yeh....

The wiiu is $300 for a bare bones console.
The only way the 720 and ps4 will be able to demonstate SIGNIFICANTLY better graphics than the wiiu is if they are priced at a MINIMUM of $450. Even then they may only look a tiny bit better.

The wiiu could potentialy leave the next box or Playstation 4 in the dust...
Hicken  +   1129d ago
And you could potentially be right about all this... but probably not.

The Wii U isn't impressing like a lot of people hoped. What that means for its future is unknown, but it's meeting neither your nor Nintendo's expectations, in all likelihood. There are some wrinkles to be worked out, some more easy to smooth than others, and the gamepad could very well turn out to hinder the machine. It's been said before, but the fact that it's likely to be very different from the controllers the other two- or four, including the current-gen consoles that will likely receive ports- will use will make third party developers pause and think. Why is this important? Because the "core" audience the Wii U is supposed to be tackling more seriously this time will be wanting those third party games, and if they're not on the Wii U because of inevitable gameplay differences... well, that wouldn't help sales much.

As for price, a $450 console from the other two will probably include much more internal memory- along with a similar ability to connect to external memory and who knows what other features.

I don't think Sega has the money to fund a new console venture any time soon; why didn't you mention ANYTHING about that? About Sega reentering to race, I mean. That was the main subject.

Instead, you made your entire comment about the Wii U and how it could be superior to unannounced, unreleased consoles.

Kratoscar2008  +   1129d ago
They should release a dreamcast handheld.
specialguest  +   1129d ago
Sega have a history of bad business decisions and poor marketing. They wouldn't last in this era of the expensive business of video games. If the once untouchable PlayStation brand is struggling in certain areas(vita & marketing), there's no way in hell Sega could survive.
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kalkano  +   1129d ago
That's the only reason I want them to do it. Make they're last mistake, then sell all IPs.
Dogswithguns  +   1129d ago
My fav system of all times..
Pillsbury1  +   1129d ago
Dream cast was immensely ahead of its time. Internet browser, screen on controller, online multiplayer. I was extremely addicted to phantasy star online, when I turned it off I would want to turn it back on.
ylwzx3  +   1129d ago
As much as I would like for it to happen a majority of the people who used to run Sega's hardware side have moved on and who knows where else they are.. So it wouldn't even be the same anymore...
kalkano  +   1129d ago
Yep. They are Sega in name, only.
Broburger  +   1129d ago
Yeah and they can start by giving us Shenmue 3 and port over those fun arcade games like R-Tuned, Harley Davidson & LA Riders, Border Break, Shining Force Cross, etc.
Adolph Fitler  +   1129d ago
Awesome new Dreamcast 2.....actually no, a better name would help, as bad marketing & the pretty ordinary Dreamcast name were 2 of Sega's biggest plagues with Dreamcast & it's lack of sales.

Maybe Sega GameStation, or Sega GameScape, Sega DreamPlayer, anything that makes it abundantly clear that this thing is a box that plays games. I mean, much of Sony's early PS success can be attributed to that awesome name, Playstation, I mean, never has a game machine laid out it's purpose so blatently & openly about exactly what it does & is....PlayStation, that was & still is frickin' genius really, as it ensured any moron could work out what it was & what it does.
I mean, up until that point we had absolutely stupid names, like Saturn, 3DO, Lnyx, Jaguar, Master System, Genesis/Megadrive, etc, etc, I mean, they meant nothing & told us nothing about what they were, or were for.....some were names after big cats for christ sake????? others sounded like parts for a pc & then there were the planets such.....the closest to a product description we got was the NES & SNES (which were still pretty blasee, & didn't really pin down gaming purposes. I mean Nintendo Entertainment System is what Wii-U should be called, whereas NES & SNES were pretty poor descriptions/product names, as neither did anymore than play great games, so naming them as if they catered to all facets of entertainment was a bit rich, as well as non-descript to a casual audience...but due to Nintendo's great marketing, unmatched Mario (at the time), lack of competition & a few other varibles, they were very successful little machines...And, even though I find the name a bit crap, obvioulsy even that loose description of Nintendo Entertainment System, gave away enough info to even casuals for them to catch on quickly enough.

So, I would love to see Sega come back into hardware, & for them & Sony to be the 2 dominant forces in gaming (both are very similar in FREE online infrastructure, & other such areas, including there love for making different, awesome games, as well as awesome arcade type games as Motorstorm, Daytona, & also the blockbusters such as GOW, etc). Man, I would own a Sega & Sony machine & have them sitting next to each other in a heartbeat. That would be the most awesome compliment to gaming, having a Sega GameSphere & Playstation Orbis & there game collections both hooked up to my 64" Samsung plasma to play the ultimate games on. I would gladly sell my Wii-U & 360 immediately to start raising funds for a new Sega machine to compliment my forthcoming PS:Orbis.
ShaunCameron  +   1129d ago
Nintendo named it the Nintendo Entertainment System because in 1985 the term "video games" and "console" were dirty words to a market reeling from the crash.
BladerunnerZX  +   1129d ago
Dreamcast is second only to the all powerful Super Nintendo.

Soul Calibur and Shenmue alone make the Dreamcast one of the greatest game consoles ever.

The Dreamcast was my Super Nintendo of that generation .. it could and did everything right for a gamer.
ShaunCameron  +   1129d ago
Not gonna happen because in the only time they found real success (the 16-bit era), there was less competition and the arcade market was booming.
tiffac008  +   1129d ago
I would rather have Sega revive their great franchises like Sakura Taisen, Panzer Dragoon, Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue (to name a few) and not kill some of their recent franchises like Valkyria Chronicles as one example.
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KMCROC54  +   1129d ago
Aren't they pretty much surviving on Royalties from license game & the every now and again game.

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