Square Enix Not in Sharing Mood With Luminous Studio

Remember that awesome tech demo that Square Enix showed off at last year's E3 called "Agni's Philosophy"? Well, Mike Fischer lets everyone know, via Shacknews, that Luminous Studio, the engine responsible for that demo, will be an exclusive in-house engine.

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ScubbaSteve2138d ago

The best part about a new engine is that maybe we'll see some new games instead of more ff13.

Kratoscar20082138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Actually i think that they will use Lightning popularity and make compilation of Lightning HD containing all XIII games and sell it for 90 USD.

Im afraid LR wont be the last we see of Lightning, you know SE knows "we" want more Lightning (Sarcasm intended).

cannon88002138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

But sharing is caring. :(

iXenon2138d ago

Everyone knows Square Enix doesn't care

DragonKnight2138d ago

When has anyone known SE to use third party engines or share their own proprietary engines? This isn't anything new.

execution172138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

I think they used the UE3, but I can't remember for which game exactly

edit* The Last Remnant used Unreal Engine 3

DivineAssault 2138d ago

ya but square only published that game to make some money.. The devs were already using it for the project.. square dev'd games will only use their own tech

N4GDgAPc2138d ago

Well there other games sometimes use 3rd party engines but Final Fantasy games they always use there inhouse engine. So your both right.

-Gespenst-2138d ago

"Every Final Fantasy game is original. We create a new world with every new number. We need to keep pushing the envelope so that every Final Fantasy game creates a new standard," Fischer told us when describing the project's genesis after the engine's unveiling. "Having a custom toolset like this is really helpful, because it makes that process a lot more efficient."

This is basically a confirmation of a new Final Fantasy game, though I suppose that shouldn't come as a surprise. I'm looking forward to it. I think what makes FF games exciting is that they're always completely different from one another.

BanBrother2138d ago

Sucks for them.

*meanwhile*........... EPIC games is making a killing off of UE3 and UE4.

At least Final Fantasy games will continue to have amazing graphics I suppose.

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