Anarchy Reigns roster: All the confirmed fighters

GamesRadar - Platinum Games and Sega are finally setting Anarchy Reigns loose in North America this month, treating gamers to a multiplayer beat 'em up with one of the most eccentric cast of characters we've seen in some time. The game mixes the brawlers from the blood-soaked MadWorld with a new host host of oddball killers for in the hopes of creating one of the biggest rumbles in gaming history.

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Edward751475d ago

I think I'll give this game a shot.

WheatBread1475d ago

Day 1 purchase and I usually don't buy games until like 6 months after the release date.

Hicken1475d ago

Pretty interesting list.

ThichQuangDuck1474d ago

Hope it has that classic a new challenger appears singleplayer to unlock characters. I miss that in fighting game single player. Unlocking characters in specific ways was the best part for me