10 female characters not featured in their game’s cover (and 10 that are)

VB - Roles for female video game characters are not exclusively reserved for princesses in distress or oversexualized bimbos. Strong, independent ladies like Samus Aran (Metroid) and Faith Connors (Mirror’s Edge) don’t need men to rescue them. Sadly, sexism is still a problem that affects every aspect of game design, including box art.

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-Mezzo-1897d ago

Nice article, so many significant Female characters missing from the Cover.

But it's not big of a Deal, is it?

Y_51501897d ago

Uncharted box art could be better with added characters to the art. I edited the Uncharted 3 one to put sully's face fading in the cloud of smoke and it looked cool! I'll be happy to show any who are interested.

*PM me I guess to see it* :)

Root1897d ago

I think Elena should be featured on the Uncharted 4 one...they are going to be together from the start now and I hope to god the story focuses on their relationship like how U3 did the same with Drake and Sully.

I want them to fill in the blanks...

Why did she break up with him after Drakes Fortune?

Why did she breka up with him after Among Theives?

Did they go on other small adventures after DF/AT?

How does Elena know Charlie Cutter?

Did Drake marry Elena? How did he Propose?

If he did what was the wedding like, maybe U4 can open up with the wedding....a honeymoon gone wrong and they are both drawn into a massive hunt for a lost treasure.

Mind you I don't want the game to be all soppy but I just want them to be explained through small flashbacks while giving us info on their backstories.

I mean where saying we don't know a lot about Drake but what about Elena, we don't really know anything about her either.

Y_51501896d ago

Yeah We know Sully more than both of them combine after Uncharted 3. :P

prototypeknuckles1897d ago

im surprised a single prince of persia game isnt on this seeing as how every gane has a huge female lead and isnt on the cover.

silkrevolver1896d ago

In the case of Uncharted... Drake is clearly the main character. It's fine if it's just him.

They're not being sexist over at Naughty Dog.
Hell, a woman wrote the series.

Ezz20131896d ago

and they are putting a female character(Ellie) on front of the last of us cover

NagaSotuva1895d ago

The article specifically states that Naughty Dog is not sexist. Did you read it?

silkrevolver1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

It said they weren't sexist in pertinence to The Last of Us.

So yes, I read it.

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The story is too old to be commented.