NIS America Still Hold The Publishing Rights To Previous Atelier Games

Siliconera - While Tecmo Koei may be the U.S. publisher for Atelier Ayesha, NIS America still hold the rights to the previous Atelier games that they’ve already released.

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GenericNameHere2053d ago

Does anyone know if these games are rare? They're niche games, and I saw one for the PS3 for $19.99. Should I get it before they're out of print??

DarkBlood2053d ago

i havent gotten the games my self in the series but i dont see any available even on except for other types of buyers in my case i usually like to wait till games are cheap new or so so

but looking at the case of its rarity if you see it new or used and you even think about getting it but hold off i would suggest you dont do that and get it immediatly

GenericNameHere2053d ago

Ahh ok thanks!
I just searched through Amazon, typed in the name, and saw the same one I saw at my local Gamestop. It was The Apprentice of Arland, and it was at full retail, at $60.31!! :O
I think the next time I go to Gamestop, I'll definitely buy it. Especially at $20. That's a steal!!

EcoSos32053d ago

I got the trilogy still haven't even finish the first yet :P.

sypher2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Games have become less and less an investment as time has gone by. But you can still do it, it's just all about picking the right games that you think will be highly sought after in future and not in large quantities.

Hell even an RPG like final fantasy 7 which i believe there are enough copies for every PSX owner in the world still fetches more than most ps1 titles and a sealed version a considerable amount.

If you are going for an investment, keep them sealed and aim for games that you think are either really low print run (Atlus usually, hence why they are the collectors dream publisher) or so good that people 10 years from now who collect ps3 games (all games and systems eventually become 'retro') would want to play it.

It's what works for NES/SNES collectors and it should work in future if history is our lesson. Incredibly rare/low (low demand but really low quantity) print run games or incredibly good games (high demand, high quantity).

Now if you can get your hands on some of the more extremely rare 'famous' collectors sets that's a totally different story and a guaranteed money earner in future.

rainslacker2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

They aren't terribly rare. Some are kind of expensive new though, as they are typically outside the retail channels and into the individual sellers market. They also have varying degrees of collectability, and can vary some within the series. They can be rather hard to find used at say Gamestop or retail outlets, as they had a limited production run. I believe amazon has most of the PS3 ones for between 20-40 dollars.

Honestly if your looking at collecting as a way to return an investment, it's not really worth it. That money would be better spent elsewhere. If you want to collect do so because you really enjoy it.

DarkBlood2053d ago

thats true, i like these kind of games but i have the habit of waiting for games to be cheap nowadays but i realise if i wait too long im going to have problems finding it in retail stores to begin with

hopfully whenever this game comes out its not in a month where i want to get other games and stuff lol

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tiffac0082052d ago

I had forgotten that Gust is now owned by TK. I guess this may complicate the localization of Totori and Meruru Plus for the Vita since NISA owns the publishing rights. Hopefully I'm wrong since I want to see the additional content they added on the ported games.