GameTap: FIFA Street 3 Review

FIFA Street 3 started out so well. The controls were tight, the action was fast, and even the EA Trax soundtrack was off to a bumping good start. And then two hours passed, and the thrill was gone.

For whatever reason, FIFA Street 3 is about as deep as a book of poetry by Paris Hilton. It's a shame too, because despite FIFA Street 2's flaws on the pitch, it had a player-creator, a create-a-pitch option and something like 30,000 combinations of licensed kits and kicks you could purchase. You could create your own team of superstars and guide it to ultimate street glory. It's a mystery then why EA scrapped all the positive aspects of FIFA Street 2 and didn't even make an attempt to add any interesting modes or options.

Pros: Simple, accessible gameplay with an array of complex moves. Great soundtrack and style.

Cons: Shamefully shallow, with no real career mode or significant unlockables that made games like NBA Street Homecourt shine. Art style just too cartoony.

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