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Addiction’s 5 Predictions of 2013

It’s only natural that at the beginning of every new year, we start looking forward to what’s in store for us in the next 12 months, regarding the gaming front. As such, we at Analog Addiction took a moment, and (almost) each of us, came up with 5 predictions on what’s about to go down in the near future. (3DS, Industry, Next-Gen, PS Vita)

vlad94pintea  +   572d ago
I unchecked dev but it's still there...

EDIT: Done :)
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SlavisH2  +   572d ago
1. Sony’s next console will be called PlayStation 4 but NOT in Japan.

2. Sony and Microsoft will announce the new consoles which will be out in Winter 2014.

I agree with both of these. There have been reports of production errors for both systems so i think 2014 is more likely!
GalacticEmpire  +   572d ago
Eric Pepper is an idiot...

"The Last of Us will be pushed back again"

It has only ever had one announced release date and has never been pushed back.

"The subscription price of Xbox Live will drop"

We should be so lucky. Lets face it, if the price changes, it's going up.
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UltraVegito  +   571d ago
1.Ps Vita price cut from sony,at that point the vita sales will gain serious momenteum.

2.Zelda,Mario or Pokemon to be released or announced for the Wii U.

3.ps4/nextbox will launch this year with the nextbox at E3 and the PS4 either e3 or late 2013.The ps4 more likely to be announced before the Nextbox.

4.The 3ds will continue to do well.

5.Vavle's steambox to change the industry as we know it?
unchartedxplorer  +   571d ago
Changes I'm expecting in 2013.
1. f**k all happens
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   571d ago
No PS4 in 2013.

Two Xbox 360 models.

Majora's Mask.

Valve steamrolls one of the big console makers.

Android game box explosion.

A major gaming device is discontinued.

Michael Pachter continues to be wrong about everything.

E3 Expo 2013 is the most exciting one in years.
black911  +   570d ago
I like the Winter 2014 prediction. I hope its true. Especially for PS3. Sony has way too many exclusives coming out and the ps3 still has power left beyond two souls,god of war and last of us look like ps4 and thats not evern ps3's max power!

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