Splinter Cell: The Best Stealth Series Ever

One hallmark of this generation in gaming is that large numbers of people came out of the ‘I hate stealth games’ closet en masse. It’s not too hard to see why, as the stealth genre of gaming was a distinctly fifth and sixth generation phenomenon. It rose to prominence partly as a result of the technological capabilities straddled the line between being able to capture the gameplay and graphical elements that create an immersive experience.

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Venox20082047d ago

hah hah hah hah!!! nooo, this belongs to Metal Gear series :)

Belking2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I would say splinter cell does have more stealth. Especially the past games like CT and the upcoming one. Hitman has done it well too.

guitarded772047d ago

More stealth doesn't mean it's better. Splinter Cell has some great games in the series, but Metal Gear is consistently amazing.

frostbite062047d ago

Splinter Cell definately has some clunkers, but you can put the orginal and chaos theory up against any of the Metal Gear games

Welshy2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

"Especially the past games like CT and the upcoming one."

Say whaaaat? I whole heartedly agree that Chaos Theory is one of the finest stealth games of all time, but you're trying to tell me Splinter Cell: Blacklist will have more stealth than any of the MGS games?

You sir, are messed up in the brain, from what i've seen of Blacklist it's more of a cover shooter with the Conviction "tag and execute" system replacing any form of stealth.

I never wanted to see the day when the legendary Sam Fisher was running out in the open, stylishly shooting several men at once in broad daylight.

If anything of that sort should ruin my other favourite stealth action character (Solid Snake), i'm handing in my gamer card.

gaffyh2047d ago

I'm a huge fan of this genre, and Thief is actually better than both MGS and SC. Although I would say Splinter Cell used to be better than MGS at stealth, but the last game really sucked in that department and the new one looks the same.

mattdillahunty2046d ago

regardless of whether Splinter Cell is better than MGS (and i don't think it is), i really don't think there's any question that Splinter Cell does pure stealth better than MGS.

MGS's stealth usually comes across as being:

--overly simplistic, such as the octocamo suit in MGS4, or just laying flat on your stomach and sneaking, like in any MGS game

--contrived and unrealistic, such as pulling a box or barrel out of your back pocket to hide in all of a sudden. or pausing the game to change your camo suit, like in MGS3

--not as environmentally interactive

Splinter Cell's stealth is much more fluid, realistic, and believable. you interact with the environment (and enemies) much more and in a more realistic manner, and you're completing real stealth-based objectives. not only that, but you often have a lot more cool stealthy gadgets to use. ones that actual military or tactical groups might use irl.

i'm sorry, but laying flat on your stomach and crawling past a group of enemies cannot compare to what Splinter Cell has contributed to the stealth genre. also, i haven't played any of the Thief games, so i'll fully admit that it has probably done a lot as well, and i just don't know about it.

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-GametimeUK-2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Hardly a claim to laugh at. Even though I disagree with the claim (I too think MGS is better) I can't say I could fault someone for saying SC is the greatest stealth series. They are a very solid set of games and Chaos Theory was damn sure up there with Metal Gear and that is coming from a MGS fan.

spicelicka2047d ago

Best stealth game ever, i would say it's up there. You can easily argue metal gear games are better or more amazing, but splinter cell is pure stealth and the best at it. Metal gear mixes a bunch of other features and perhaps it's better, however, i don't see it as a straight up stealth game.

omi25p2047d ago

HAH HAHAH HAHAH!!! noooo, Hiding in a card board box literally at the feet of an enemy only to have them ignore you and walk away isnt stealth.

Sneaking into a base without touching anyone, Not making a noice, Not setting off any alarms, Using only the shadows. Then leaving that base without anyone having any idea that you were there. IS STEALTH.

(Conviction isnt stealth, But the others are.

humbleopinion2046d ago

"Sneaking into a base without touching anyone, Not making a noice, Not setting off any alarms, Using only the shadows" is something you can do in some of the levels in Conviction as well

Venox20082046d ago

actually you can play MGS without being seen, that's how you can get Big Boss award :) I love MGS for story, for boses, yeah it may be at some things unrealistic, but gameplay I dont know, for me MGS is better .. matter of taste, matter of taste.. :) Though I liked all SC games (even Conviction, not like a stealth game, but overall) still I think MGS is better, too bad that MGS4 for me (and maybe some others) was made more like shooting/action game ..MGS3 still is the best ;)

BlmThug2047d ago

In terms of STEALTH, SC excels in many ways above MGS but Tenchu does the best stealth imo

vork772047d ago

NOOOOO it belongs to mark of the ninja

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Belking2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Splinter cell is consistently amazing too IMO. The article was about stealth not about which game series is better. Hitman does it better than both IMO but I love MG and SC too.

Braid2047d ago

I would agree that Hitman is indeed a good game in its own standarts but it's not completely stealth either, I mean what kind of an extreme blind person could not notice that his/her colleague is now suddenly a BALD and, you know, a different looking person with a friggin' BARCODE on the back of his head?

I also l love how it's said in the various parts of the series that no one has ever seen the infamous assassin and that there's not a definite profile picture drawn by the police. I mean, seriously? The dude has so many noticable physical characteristics that you would spot him miles away in the case of a manhunt. If it was that easy to sneak into places, and the only thing that you would need was to find a proper dress... well, my friends, we'd be living in a very, very messed up world.

FarCryLover1822047d ago

I loved the SC series, but the stealth that is lauded and applauded in this article no longer exists. Sad stuff.

StrongMan2047d ago

LOL. The Metal Gear Series sells more AND score higher. Especially MGS4, the greatest of all time.

Thatlalala2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Snake Eater was better.

rpd1232046d ago

It may be a better game, but it's not a better stealth game. And scores don't mean shit.

koston36472047d ago

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is my #1 favorite game
So many stealthy memories

Campy da Camper2047d ago

And the HD remake looked better than most current gen games.

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