A look at Wonderbook’s early prototypes

After MKO and Microsoft's "The Little King" was cancelled, SCE London and MKO teamed up, leading to several Wonderbook prototypes.

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Derekvinyard132022d ago

these talented people should not have been wasting there time with this commercial failure, very smart devs should make another game i hope they get the chance

WeAreLegion2022d ago

I absolutely love Wonderbook. Book of Spells is a great experience. I highly recommend it to any Harry Potter fan. ^_^

Failure or not, it's fun. Isn't that why video games exist?

jujubee882022d ago

N4G will not get any better for you.

Leave. Now!!!


WeAreLegion2022d ago

I've been on N4G since 2005, when it was literally

I'm very sad that I haven't left yet. :/

I was LeonSKennedy4Life back then.

jujubee882021d ago

Me too. But, N4G wont let me see pending subs w/out an account.

Hicken2022d ago

Translation: I don't care if it's good; it's gotta sell well, or it's a waste.

Typical response of this generation's gamers.

Derekvinyard132022d ago

if you knew anything about this generation of gaming, you would know that its to risky to have your game sell bad. i never said the game was bad, i said that the game didn't have a big enough audience and it didn't do good on the charts. we have seen to many good devs close up shop cause of ONE game not selling good. Thats all because of this generation, people like you hicken, who cant think further into what someone says. have to have someone spell things out for you, child...... "I don't care if it's good; it's gotta sell well, or it's a waste." maybe thats what you think, but nothing is a waste. A waste would be these talented guys closing down because of bad sales. The worst thing in life is wasted talent. Get it now?

abzdine2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

and people like you who haven't tried it should at least know what they're talking about before they open it big.

This game is amazing, refreshing and came at the right moment in an industry which is saturated with same types of games. Thank you London Studio for this!

I'm looking forward to more games using the tech, it's day one purchase cause i absolutely love the idea.

Derekvinyard132021d ago

once again, never mentioned anything about the game being good or bad. when sales do bad, the dev struggles and it sucks that these talented devs have to go through that

abzdine2021d ago


that's where you get it wrong! not because it's a commercial failure that they shouldn't give it a try. And as a gamer shouldn't you just worry about the games? Or do you share some kind of % from each game sold? You like the principe, you buy it! it's as simple as this.

Companies like SONY take risks and i think they deserve thmbs up and a minimum support. Wonderbook is amazing and doesn't cost much. Each real gamer should own it.

GribbleGrunger2021d ago

The problem is that this industry has catered to an ever narrowing demographic which is why games like COD do ridiculously well. If you want this industry to grow then you'd better hope that other companies take as many risks as Sony.

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r212022d ago

I gotta say, these concepts are pretty nifty :) Did any of it make it to the actual release?