Firefly Universe Online Reactivates with Fox's 'Well Wishes'

Is the dream of a Firefly MMO still flying? The folks at DarkCryo Entertainment think so. The unlikely project seemed doomed due to an unauthorized use of the IP, but that may have changed.

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WolfLeBlack1962d ago

I still want my epic, sprawling Firefly RPG thank you very much. I'm not an MMO person, but for Firefly I might just have to make an exception :)

KUV19771960d ago

My days of not taking you seriously have certainly come to a middle!

Sorry, I just wanted to put that quote in here. A Firefly MMO would certainly be shiny!

WolfLeBlack1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

lol, I love that line.

It'd certainly be interesting. My concern, though, is that would an MMO actually capture anything about the show? It was the characters, writing and acting that made the show special, not the setting, so just making an MMO set in the universe probably won't mean much.

Now, if it was officially licensed with all the old crew coming back and Joss Whedon on writing duties... :P