Seven Easy Ways To Earn Platinum Trophies | Attention trophy whores! Cassidee shares seven games that promise some easy platinum trophies to help boost your level.

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ToZanarkand861897d ago

Personally, i'd rather have one less platinum that have Hannah Montana show up onmy games list. Would much rather have fewer plats for better games than lots of them for shitty games. Quality > Quantity.

SolidDuck1897d ago

The walking dead is the best one, all u have to do is beat it, and it's a great game.

Minato-Namikaze1897d ago

I have 47 plats, but i'd never touch hannah. My highlight plats are ninja gaiden sigma 2, and demons souls.

TheGrimOfDeath1896d ago

I dare you to get Little Big Planet 1 Platinum. :D

stevoman751897d ago

Hannah Montana is suprisingly fun lol. Yall need to quit being snoody trophy whores lol.