GOTY 2012? The same as 2011 and 2013: Minecraft

Processed all the lists decrying Far Cry 3 or Dishonored as GOTY? Well settle down and feast your eyes upon the real victor: Minecraft. Again. Apparently.

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TopDudeMan1844d ago

Oh, please. Minecraft is a good game. But people really need to get over it.

ATi_Elite1844d ago

Minecraft just keeps getting better and better!

Kinda hard to get over a game that CONSTANTLY improves and adds new content!

2.5 years later and it's still giving gamers new content is awesome! Most games would be on a sequel by then but Notch is giving gamers MORE than their money's worth and I think Minecraft is awesome!

besides some where on this Internet someone is writing a Call of Duty Black ops 2 GOTY why not Minecraft?

Riderz13371844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Lol what would a sequel to minecraft be...? You can't really do much except add texture packs.

Edit - Also, who the hell is writing Black Ops 2 GOTY articles? Please link me lol.

TopDudeMan1844d ago

That's beside the point, at least black ops 2 came out this year.

mt1844d ago

I never played the game but I have seen many playing it. I have PS3 and mac, the demo won't work on my mac so I gave up on paying for full game for mac if the demo in the official website won't work.

Minato-Namikaze1844d ago

Last of us is out this year, GOTY was decided when ND announced the release date

Linko641844d ago

I replayed Half Life last month. Can that be my game of the year? Kool!

Cam9771844d ago

No! F*** off with minecrap! Try Littlebigplanet, it's miles ahead of Minecrap.

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