DMC: 8 Things To Be Excited About

WC: If you’re among those still unsure whether or not to get the new DMC game keep reading. There are more than enough characters, levels, bosses and extras to keep you hooked. And for those who dislike the “new” Dante, I hope I can change your mind as well. But, if your like me and love the new direction I hope you will enjoy this article as much as I do.

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Chuk51902d ago

The extreme hate surrounding this game made it more popular. Im not trying to discredit either pro or anti DmC people, it's just ironic. Though it does say something that the gaf discussions are far more constructive than ours.

WolfLeBlack1902d ago

As they say any publicity is good publicity and the controversey surrounding DmC has ensured that lots of sites want to cash in by writing articles on it, in turn ensuring that it's most likely going to do well on launch day.

As for me, I'm holding judgement until I get to play it, and I'll be trying to base my opinion on its own merits, rather than overly comparing it to past games. It's a reboot after all, so I reckon that's fair.

Chuk51902d ago

All I can say is that I'm interested in what Capcom and NT are cooking up. If the game is good, that's great news. If it's bad, capcom and NT have dropped the ball and the bridging of western and eastern game development will be brought to near extinction.

IT's just weird to me that people keep bringing things up about the old games and how it DmC is bad because it differs. That's the point of DmC to me, to separate itself from older titles.

That said, the one area where I feel fan critique is valid to compare it to the old titles is combat. The combat isn't changing to much so I feel Fan push back against that is reasonable in a sense. But at the same time, we don't know how that pans out for the entire game. So that is a bit premature as well. But still a valid concern given the demo isn't as fleshed out as all these DMC3/4 videos people are comparing.

SavageFlamingo1902d ago

Very mature point of view. You have earned my respect, sir.

WolfLeBlack1902d ago

I'm in absolute agreement with you, good sir. It'd a reboot of the franchise, so it's supposed to be different and so, like you, I don't see the point in complaining that it's not like the DMC games before it. That's the point.

On combat I see your point. Most of the reviews are saying it's largely the same, but a bit slower to allow it be more accessible for new players. Comparison is fair, but it has to be kept in mind that this is an easier and slightly slower DmC.

I'm certainly interested. As a gamer I want every game to be good, so fingers crossed that it's a great re-imagining.

J-Killer151902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Being a reboot doesn't exempt it from the fact that it strays too much from the original material. If they really wanted to try something different they could have made this into a new IP and redesigned the combat system from the ground up to fit the Unreal engine. This game is trying to be two different games at once and it just ends up being a product that fails to be do either particularly well in my eyes. Maybe pretty colors, and morphing environments makes people excited for this game, but I just don't see what the hype is about. Yeah there is some depth with this game just like every other game, but the way combat system is designed I just don't feel encouraged to explore and go deeper. I don't feel motivated to do SS rank runs in this game. The series went from being a stylish Japanese action game to whatever the hell it is now. That's more than just making it more accessible or not catering to the hardcore fans, that's changing everything about it that made it special. People can act like this is just a more accessible version of DMC because it looks that way on the surface, but it's not.

Maybe I'm just a square and can't get with the times.

vallencer1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

@ j-killer

Actually being a reboot does exempt it from everything. They still have pretty much the same core elements and story. Yes I know Dante didn't have an angel mom but seriously it's a small detail. Look at tomb raider. That's being rebooted but the only thing that's really the same is the fact that she is an adventurer. It's grounded in reality and doesn't have t-Rex's in it so should we condemn that? It's fine if you can't get behind the game people respect that it's just close minded comments that people get annoyed with.

Godmars2901902d ago

We'll see if the negativity translates into sales. Right now its all just rather pointless noise between attackers and defenders.

cferretrun1902d ago

Capcom made a comment midway into DmC's development. They said, "If we wanted the same game we would have done it ourselves." I'm pretty sure their entire intentions were to stray as far away from the series as possible while clinging onto the very roots of Devil May Cry. Whether people are blinded by rage and disappointment, I'm able to draw enough parallels between the older games and this new reboot that I feel comfortable and content that it was not turned into a new IP for Capcom.

More than anything, I'm excited about the character Dante. It's astounds me how many people who belligerently hate on the character refuse to see the beauty of the rebooted son of Sparda. Yes, he's a asshole who's vocabulary doesn't stray far from four lettered expletives. Yes, he's a scum-bucket, emotionally distanced prick. But every character has a story, and I feel people are judging this character on the first chapter. There is no doubt in my mind that Dante at the end of the game will be nothing like the Dante from the beginning mission. You're taking a person who hates the world, has no direction, and is both outwardly and inwardly damaging to himself and giving him direction and purpose. It's a journey forward, and I'm super stoked to see this character evolve.

As I've said in a few comments- I'm also thrilled that there is a human difficulty. I am heinously anxious when I play fast-paced games. My adrenaline runs high and my hands shake. I can't focus. Just to insult myself further, I still have yet to SSS the demo on human difficulty. I shudder to think what kind of experience I would have if the game was painstakingly difficult to appease the blood-lusting, super skilled experienced gamers out there.

To sum up everything- I think the game will do well. And if not, I'll still have my copy to enjoy over and over again. Their loss, my win. :P

Godmars2901902d ago

It didn't help that DMC's creator "left" Capcom. Which had heavy impact on how they would make another DMC.

Also, as much as defenders keep going on and on about complaints about how Dante looks - the actual said complaint is old. And they changed it. NT especially caved to initial complaints by not only making their Dante look less like a meth-addict clone of the lead dev, but even limited themselves by making his devil trigger classic Dante white hair/red coat appearance. Didn't go with something artistically demonic, go with an angel trigger mode (or maybe they haven't announced it), they just caved.

cferretrun1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Honestly, even if the creator hadn't left the original DMC series ended before it began. They ended the series with Dante sacrificing himself in 2. Everything afterwards was doomed to be prequels and side games. Sure, they could have made a DMC 5, but what would that have entailed? Finding out who Nero really is, and how he's connected to Dante and Virgil? Sorry, but that's not enough to create an entire game around and still keep the fans happy. You'd end up with hours of Nero gameplay and a half-story for Dante to be involved in just to appease the cry-hards. You could have also gone the route of Kingdom Hearts and made about a million sidegames with inconsequential plotlines. I doubt those would be well received too. What I mean to point out is that the series was stagnant. It was reboot or let rot. I wasn't crazy about the first incarnation of the rebooted Dante. But I'm ecstatic with the model for Dante now. Yeah, they caved to the white-haired traditional Dante, and I think by the end of the game he'll have white hair anyway. But I kinda figured that would happen when Virgil was revealed and already had white hair.

Godmars2901901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Dante dies - okay, goes to hell - in DMC2, introduce Nero in a prequel then show his relation to Vergil as well as Dante as he investigates Dante's "death" which then could lead to Dante's - and Vergil's - return in DMC5.

Less convoluted things have happened in gaming.