10 Scariest Ever Video Game Characters

WC: The horror genre has extended to video games in a huge way over the course of the past decade or so. Be it down to the zombie dodging tension of the Resident Evil series, or the icy terrors of a Silent Hill game, horror games are officially scaring the heck out us. From this increase in horror games comes the inevitable increase of what I’m dubbing “wet your pants scary enemies” (for lack of a better name). Join us as we count down the 10 scariest ever video game characters to have graced our screens. Try not to get too scared with the obvious gaming flashbacks these entries will provoke.

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WeAreLegion1961d ago

Good list.


Regenorator/Iron Maiden is FREAKIN' TERRIFYING!!!

BladerunnerZX1961d ago

a surprisingly good article.

you have PH at the top as he/it should be.

Neo-Axl1961d ago

The Crimson Head from REmake is missing,
but interesting list.. would've got rid of the Necromorph though.