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acemonkey2051d ago

i got blue balls release the game lol..plz

deadpoole2051d ago

I wanna see harley davidson choppers , orange county choppers etc ... Cuz there's nothing better then crusin in chopper around the city ... :)

PRHB HYBRiiD2051d ago

yes there is
sanchez on offroad :)

AsimLeonheart2051d ago

I am very surprised to see how good this game looks. I find it very hard to believe that it is releasing for current gen consoles. I wonder if we are seeing PC version screenshots and console version may be a little toned down to fit the console specs. Anyway it looks phenomenal!

way2fonky2051d ago Show
RayRay362051d ago

Stop it. You know nothing of motorcycles.

Dee_912051d ago

haha in every article we see these "i cant believe these caps are on console must be pc" comments
just stop it
this game is beautiful but its not like its just crapping on other games.Yea the draw distance might make you think its PC but Red Dead on consoles had just as good draw distance as these screens are showing.Graphically it looks like a polished gta iv which is not nearly good enough to make me automatically think next gen or PC.

Besides its been confirmed these screens are from console version

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geddesmond2051d ago

Those screenshots have me hyped, been a long time since I felt this hyped for a game. 2013 Great year for games

Derekvinyard132050d ago

feel the same way dude, its been so long since something different has come out. miss that "wonder what its gonna be like" feeling. cause these days its all fps games with no surprises

Beastforlifenoob2051d ago

What I love is that they added branded cars (Audi, Ford mustang etc...) So its more realistic and better yet more epic

Nitrowolf22051d ago

they aren't branded cars :) notice the Audi rings top are cut off?
Rockstar, always being classy

Beastforlifenoob2051d ago

hahah the audi looks like the R8 but different No wonder I got disagrees

ab5olut10n2051d ago

huge graphical improvement. super excited for this.

EddieNX 2051d ago

I'm excited to see how the vehicles handle in this game.They were great in IV , but it will be interesting to see if they feel more grippy and realistic.

Can't wait to do some slow mo stunts GTAV style.!!!

This has to be the most anticipated game of 2013 by far.

ShabbaRanks2051d ago

wouldn't say huge, but more polished then GTA4 yes. I finally feel like its a GTA game. This gen GTA with a nicer touch :) and this is a good thing.

you can see a premier that's exactly the same as in GTA4 on the 6th screen and on screen 5 you see a comet that's slightly modified from GTA4 xD

claud32051d ago

couple are new and the others are not... But still still awsome

Cam9772051d ago

Looks like the Buzzard has returned.

ElectricKaibutsu2051d ago

No way the anti aliasing could be that good...

Coach_McGuirk2051d ago

yep. the game won't look like this

neoMAXMLC2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Just watch the trailers to get a good idea of what the console versions might look like. Looks like it MIGHT be using some sort of Post processing AA.

clevernickname2051d ago

Maybe on the PC, but the console versions will certainly have some rough edges.

WeskerChildReborned2051d ago

You do know their isn't even a PC version as of right now i mean? So pretty much anything we've been shown was on a PC but was intended for PS3 and 360 but not sure if it will actually look this on the consoles, if they could make it look like this then R* must be one amazing developer.

Rauland2051d ago

AA is same as Max payne 3

Norrison2051d ago

Look closely, there's a lot of jagged edges and low res textures. Doesn't look bad tho, it's an open world game, with a good draw distance.

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