Resident Evil 7: To Zombie or Not to Zombie?

Egotastic: As such, there is ample scope to engage the speculation-o-meter. Where, prithee, is Resident Evil going? (‘down the sh*tter,’ allege some on these here interwebs. The same enterprising souls, we’d wager, who assembled an elite force of Nerdsassins to invade the developer’s HQ at midnight and sh*t in the wastebins after Resident Evil 6.) The much-maligned issue with recent installments is their lack of due deference to the franchise’s past.

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jdubdoubleu1904d ago

They need to bring it back like it was in the very first two, minus the bad acting. Those fixed camera angles were scary as hell not knowing what was around the corner when i was a kid.

tigertron1904d ago

I'm with you on this, but I don't mind the bad acting. RE has been famous for it's bad acting, especially the first game which made it even more memorable.

Such quotes as:

"Noooo don't goooo!"
"You were almost a Jill sandwich"

Welshy1904d ago

"Jill, here is a lock-pick, it might be helpful if you... the master of unlocking... take it with you"

Classic <3

Irishguy951904d ago

They need to make a good game

Root1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Reboot it BUT...same characters, settings, enemies and just tell the story again but change things around so future games will end up being differn't

The first one will feel like a bigger remake of the first game while by the time we get to RE4, with all the changes thats happened changing the outcome of future RE games, the story will be completely differnt.

As I've said

Mansion dosen't blow up, experiments/zombies wander into Raccoon City, Outbreak happens sooner with STARS still insides, Leon arrives at quarintine border but helps Claire go in to find her brother being the good guy he is, Ada tags along to find her BF John...then from there you have a ton of games featuring Raccoon City. By the time you get to RE3 you can show it off on a brand new engine.

RE - Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebbeca
RE2 Raccoon City I - Leon, Ada
RE2 Raccoon City II - Chirs, Jill, Rebbeca, Barry
RE2 Raccoon City III - Claire, Carlos, Sherry
RE3 Chris, Claire - Code Veronica Story with a spin
RE4 - Umbrella decides to destroy village with Plagas as they think it's a threat to them. No Village, no Plagas, Ashley isn't kidnapped and Leon will go on another adventure. Zombies are saved for future games...everyone wins


It's like a way they can start a new without all this plagas crap and also at the same time return to Raccoon City.

zerocrossing1904d ago

They could make RE good again, e.g just take RE 4 add Zombies and your half way there.

FunAndGun1904d ago

I want them to make a prequel.

group of people/friends go into the mansion, one gets killed, one gets taken.

You play the part of the 3 remaining friends as they each go down their own path of horrors and discoveries. Paths will intersect.

NO previous characters and NO characters that know what is going on or how to deal with zombies.

The original friend that was taken ends up being the final boss, do you kill him/her, do you save him/her, do you die trying?

I just want a new survival horror game that takes place in that creepy mansion!!

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The story is too old to be commented.