Major League Baseball 2K8 - What to expect

I had the opportunity to sit in on a conference call with Ben Brinkman, Producer of Major League Baseball 2K8. Ben was taking this time in order to give a deeper look into this year's installment of their baseball franchise straight from the horse's mouth. Now, while I understand the PlayStation 3 has almost been deemed MLB 08: The Show territory, I can also say with confidence that it probably wouldn't hurt to take a look at MLB 2K8 as well. Here are the reasons as to why that may be a smart move on your part in order to find the best baseball experience available to you.

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pwnsause3944d ago

the Show pwns all baseball games.

hexmex3573944d ago

Ill go with the SHOW!!!!

Bill Gates3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Don't expect EXTRA content on the 360 that's for sure.......AHAHHAHHHHAHA

and if you and it, go out and buy separate $150 dollar HDD.......AHAHHHHAHAA

**Go Mets**

Butthaul3944d ago

is a better game hands down. I was very impressed with the demo.