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Sony’s Latest Patent: What Does It Mean To You?

Video Gaming Hard Corps goes in depth with Sony's latest patent. What does it mean for us gamers? (Industry, Next-Gen, Sony)
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Ezz2013  +   1055d ago
"Sony’s Latest Patent: What Does It Mean To You?"

nothing ...because sony patent sh1t load of things that never see the daylight

correct me if i'm wrong
didn't sony have that patent before ps3 come out
did they use it on ps3???!!
no ??
so what make you think they will use it on ps4 ?!
and why talk about a console we don't even know it's real name or it tech or when will even come out ??
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decrypt  +   1054d ago
It probably will go through just like online passes did.

Console makers need the money to fund their ever increasing expenses, devs will support the move. Console gamers as usual will take it up the hind i dont see why this wont go through.

They might not do it at launch so they first lure people into buying their boxes, later though no reason why it shouldnt happen.
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MikeMyers  +   1054d ago
What it means is this, both the hardware supplier and the software publishers want to recoup as much income as possible. That is why the current generation saw things like online passes (which Sony adopted into their own games), more DLC, more games only available through digital means like Minecraft, Journey and The Walking Dead (some can now be bought in physical format). That's why we've seen a big push for services like Playstation Plus. It's also why we've seen much more focus on exclusive and timed exclusive DLC. That is stuff they can control much more easily. Locking the physical game to the console could be the next step but like I've said before, it is highly unlikely Sony will go it alone.

The upcoming systems could also be the last ones to actually have physical media. After the next generation it could all be in digital form anyways so it doesn't really matter, we're already heading in that direction. Steam has over 40 million customers and it's all digital and tied to your account.
guitarded77  +   1054d ago
It's just a patent... Sony may well have developed the tech in case one of the other console manufacturers goes forward with blocking used games... it could just be an insurance policy.

Anyway, it doesn't concern me much since I buy games new. I figure it's worth supporting the dev for the extra $5, and I have a strange passion for removing cellophane.

It also means video game theft would go down since the games will be useless to anyone else.
prototypeknuckles  +   1054d ago
true they had the patent and didnt use it and the same thing can happen now, but then you look back at this generation where publishers are just over the top and gamers dont really give a F and just take it up the butt, remember when DLC was actually a good thing one company abused it and gamers said its okay they wont do it again, now look at what DLC is today, sony already took stuff away from the ps3 as years passed, now weve got locked save data, always online DRM for other games,online passes for single player games with no multiplayer at all, etc...so dont think just because they didnt impliment it back then, they wont now, these publishers and developers think and know that most people will just bend over and take it.
admiralvic  +   1054d ago
DLC was always going to get out of hand at some point, since it was an easy way for companies to make money on a hit or resale a greatest hits version, with us bank rolling the content. Also many people protested it (plus it rarely sells that well in relation to the main game), so yeah...

Also locked saves have existed for a while (Demon Souls / Street Fighter 4 / being the earliest I recall), but were mostly abandoned over time and even Playstation Plus offered a way around this issue. Not saying you should need plus to move it, but for a "problem" as rare as it was... it's a good solution.

The always online DRM is / was limited to my knowledge to MMO's and Final Fight Double Impact. Since then (which was a while...) the concept has been dropped and have yet to hear about another one.

Typically games with an online pass for single player are useless. Batman Arkham City probably added the "best", which many people complained was pretty pointless during the whole debate. Other games include Bulletstorm (alt leash color online and some challenge maps), Rage (new place to go, nothing fancy), Kingdoms of Amalur (I guess just a Mass Effect armor), and a lot of "first run" copy DLC. Personally I support games like Darksiders II getting "first run" bonuses, since it promotes people buying it early. I don't know what (if anything) a copy of Darksiders II comes with, but I wouldn't consider the first DLC pack bonus or BB pack in bonuses as part of an online pass bonus, since they were only added to promote buying early.

In the end, this is a bad thing, but it probably won't get implemented. Sony COULD add it to the PS4 as an optional feature, which was the case with region codes. Either or, if you want to make a case... come up with better examples.
rainslacker  +   1054d ago
That's not true Ezz...it means I can't file a similar patent....those bastards at Sony thwarted me again. /s
Angrymorgan  +   1053d ago
It's a double edged sword, won't be able to buy pre owned anymore but I think it will open up more funding for bigger , better unique games because pre owned sales won't determine debs/publishers profits.
KidMachinate  +   1054d ago
There was a rumor of something like this existing before, but the Sony CEO shut that down saying that they would not support the blocking of used games. Now with this patent, that may prove to be false.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1054d ago
SO why patent tech for it? Sony Bored?
KidMachinate  +   1054d ago
One would have to wonder the answer to this.
Knight_Crawler  +   1054d ago
So Sony is playing with people by filing for this patent...what if it gets granted, it will be there for Sony to use for future devices if needed.

Regardless if they use it or not it still makes them look bad for actually thinking of this and having there R&D team work on the tech for this and file a patent for it.

If this gets granted someone should start a kick starter to buy this patent from Sony and then sign a legal document that bluntly states that no one is allowed to use this patent everrrrrr.

@Ezz - From my understanding this patent still has not been granted to Sony and they filed for it 9/12/2012...I am not sure where you are getting the so old thing from but Sony filed for this last year.


The technology probably was not ready for it on the PS3 plus it would have added to the PS3 price even more. Why spend so much money on R&D to not use it?

Also if Rumors are correct the PS4 should launch in 2014, dont you thing it strange that Sony filed for this Patent with the PS4 one year from release.
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Ezz2013  +   1054d ago
hold it dude
sony is not playing any one
this patent is soo old it was before ps3 come out
and they never use it
what makes you think they will use it with ps4 ?!
DarkHeroZX  +   1054d ago
I think these patents are just a wat for sony to make money! If Sony patented blocking used games on consoles then that means that MS would have to pay fees to do so. Patents like these are just a way to ensure that if all else fails then s=Sony can make money somewhere that's it.
Aceman18  +   1054d ago
sooooo many people and media sites up in arms over something that probably wont happen. how about we let the system release first with its specs to see what's, what?
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1054d ago
It means absolutely nothing - unless they ever decide to implement it.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1054d ago
it means im buying a ps4.
brettyd  +   1054d ago
I RARELY buy used games so I could care less.
brettyd  +   1054d ago
*EDIT* couldn't care less...DAMMIT!
nyobzoo  +   1054d ago
what it means for me? nothing, since I buy my games new
YourGreatUncle  +   1054d ago
For me it means nothing because I buy a used game maybe once every 3yrs. I see it going the way of online passes. Gotta have a code to unlock the full game. Say what you will about Gamestop but they actually do lookout for gamers at least the ones in my area. When the online passes first started happening they were actually printing off online pass codes on the receipts for used games. I suspect they'll do the same here.
lazyboyblue  +   1054d ago
what about rental services? their games business is gonna bomb.
Hicken  +   1054d ago
It means nothing because a patent is no indication of intent.

Generally speaking, a patent is only an important indication of intent for individuals and small businesses. Large businesses, though, buy up and file plenty of patents they have little to no intention of using, either for the purpose of blocking others from doing something similar, or for suing those who infringe upon those patents.

I'm not stupid, so I know a company like Sony isn't foolish enough to do something that would so alienate a large portion of their consumer base. Be it them or Microsoft or Nintendo, none of them would try such a move on their own and not understand what it would mean as far as consumer backlash.

Nor am I a hater, so I don't wish any of the companies would actually go through with something like this so that they'd fail. Hell, I hate Microsoft, but rather than see them leave gaming, I'd like to see them DO BETTER BY GAMERS. This patent being put into use would not be doing better, by any stretch of the imagination, and Sony or any other company suffering from its use would be bad for the industry, as a whole.

Well, I guess it DOES mean that I have to put up with a bunch of idiots who think it'll happen, and the articles they write, too.
sashimi  +   1054d ago
It means that I'll be bombard with more doom and gloom articles about how it will be the end of Sony.
KidMachinate  +   1054d ago
While lots of these replies mention that it's just someone else talking about this, with good reason, we really just don't know at this point. All is speculation until something actually happens, but that's what we do as gamers, right? Speculate and discuss accordingly. Everything gets picked apart until whatever topic is being talked about becomes true or untrue.

Me personally, I would not be for the PS4 if they decided to use that. I like to own my games, but I also like the choice of being able to rent or buy used, just in case.

Taking away that choice would be simply uncool. Or as many pointed out, they may have just registered this with other intentions and may either use it for something else, or not use it at all.
-Falaut-  +   1054d ago
I personally think this will come into play but not how people perceive it now.

Its basically going to be a system that will tie a physical purchase (game) to an account.Said account being able to access that content (game) through a plethora of platforms outside of the one the physical copy was purchased for.

There have been rumblings lately that the whole Gakai grab was to enable the PS3 successor to be "backwards compatible" by means of streaming PS3,PS2,PS1 games to the device. If this where to happen, and Sony made PSN accessible on tablets and mobile devices, the "disc registration" idea has some merit.

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ronin4life  +   1054d ago
Except ps3 games and back won't be compatible with the tech, as it has to be built into the disk. Which, of course it hasn't been.

Furthermore, Sony and others don't like the idea of you playing slightly used games, so why would they want you to play old ones? The Vita non Backwards compatibility (and moreso, the half assed Japan only solution of re-paying for games you already own) already shows precedence... along with axing BC in the ps3 only to resell 1 gen old games with slight up ressing for near new game price.

And the there is the secondary hidden application: region locking. Sony has begun to show an acceptance of region locking, with online passes in PSV games being limited to same region consoles. If they were brazen enough to limit used sales in order to "maximize profits", then region locking Japanese and European gamers out of Cheaper American region games is a no brainer.

So no one should be happy about this or accepting of it, as it would only be bad for everyone INCLUDING sony and the publishers who would love to see it happen.
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madjedi  +   1053d ago
Yes greedy stingy sony only let me download 6 vita games that i have no intention of buying now.

"maximize profits" And yet nintendo cheaped out on the wiiu's hardware after making out like a bandit with the wii.

Yeah region locking is left up to the developers, not being mandated by the console manufacturer like someone we know.

Funny when nintendo announced that mp1 and 2 are being ported to the wii, where was the outcry among the ranks opposing the idea.

"Sony and others" So apparently sony is now a individual person and not a massive international electronics and entertainment company. Got any real proof to show us or are you just going to continue talking out your asshole?

Why is a follower of the console version of apple, pointing fingers when your preferred console manufacturer is just as bad as sony is when it comes to maximising profits.

Seriously did you forget which manufacturer your a fanboy of? Nintendo does alot of similar things to boost it profits. So call them out on it already.

You do realise people have options buy a ps2 to play ps2 games or remember that sony is not holding a gun to your head, saying i'll kill you if you don't buy these games again.

Wow talk about blind as a bat.
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memots  +   1054d ago
It means evil Sony will come into your house and rape your mom.
tiffac008  +   1053d ago
As long as it remains a patent then there shouldn't be any issues.
madjedi  +   1053d ago
Not a damn thing, my ps3 is exactly the same as another 120 gig slim halfway around the world, the only difference is the account information.

These discs are read only, for it to lock out the game you would have to write to the discs, which means putting a burner in the console.

Since everything is made exactly the same, identical discs, identical components/consoles how do you determine a brand new game versus a used game.

The code on the games and in the systems firmware are all identical, why are you idiots blowing this patent out of proportion.

Pcs used serial numbers to activate the games, it was for blocking pirated games more than used games and it still failed.

You could maybe do it with memory card games like the vita uses, but your just asking for a class action lawsuit, because these drm schemes always have failures or negative effects on the legitimate consumer.

With as much attention as this is getting in the media, it sounds like some people actually want this stupid idea to happen.

If sony was that greedy the wouldn't be having golden abyss or other full games available to plus user, since likely the people will never buy the physical or digital copy of the game afterward.

Too much bs speculation going on here, can we at least see the fucking console 1 time, before the doom and gloom fud articles start up.

Btw doom and gloom bloggers, you might want to try harder this time, it still sold 70 million with almost everything going against it at launch. This gen won't be as hard for playstation as the last one was by any measure.

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