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Chris writes:

"I do not believe that any game developer or publisher is perfect, even in cases of a perfect track record. A company with a perfect record is simply a company that has not yet made its first mistake. Platinum Games is one of the companies that sits on my “haven’t screwed up yet” list, primarily because of their absolute brilliance in developing Bayonetta and Vanquish (my game of the year for 2010). Two years ago, Platinum Games announced the title of their fifth game in partnership with SEGA: Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan)."

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Summons751968d ago

Everyone needs to buy and support this game. Platinum Games makes nothing but quality games and they deserve every penny. Plus for 29.99 how could you possibly go wrong. Buy games like this and ignore poorly made games like DmC. Quality > broken promises and insults.

Venox20081968d ago

already bought it ^^ people need to buy it

jc485731968d ago

Platinum Games >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>> Capcom

games developed:
Anarchy Reigns

Binary Domain

Wonderful 101
Bayonetta 2
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Psychonaughty1967d ago

To me they haven't made a game worth buying yet, the new Metal Gear may change that but I'll make a judgement when I play the demo.