The GameStick vs a Stick

With the success of the Ouya on Kickstarter, it seems the viability for launching a console on through fundraising is becoming a growing trend as the GameStick has just about doubled its target goal of $100k. So will the USB-sized Android-powered console become bigger than the Ouya? Or will it become just another fad to drop off after it launches? Daily Reaction discusses below.

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Foolsjoker2023d ago ShowReplies(2)
Wedge192023d ago

Sticks are Wood. Wood is good.

knifefight2023d ago

But how much good would a good stick do if a wood stick would do good?

Wait I may have messed that up....

Anyway, it's kind of funny that Ouya isn't even out yet, and it has a rival. Oh jeez, this generation is getting crazy already.

Knight_Crawler2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

@Wedge - Not sure if you really like wood or really like wood -_-

What ever floats your boat I guess.

Wedge192020d ago

@Knight_Crawler: or if my surname is Wood. That's a definite and plausible option. :)

TrendyGamers2022d ago

Next up maybe we'll see a penny-sized console?

doctorstrange2022d ago

I'll start creating the Kickstarter page right away, wonder how much money I'll make...

dbjj120882022d ago

Things aren't getting smaller over here if you know what I mean....

guitarded772022d ago

Hadn't heard of this project yet. Went to the developer's website and watched a video of them saying how excited they are about Game Stick, yet none of them seemed genuinely excited or even passionate about what they are building.

Android gaming is a decent time killer on a mobile device if one doesn't have a dedicated handheld gaming device, but it is a long, LONG way from offering an in home console experience. I just don't see this as something I would even care to own, and I want to play just about everything.

cee7732022d ago

This is essentially a smart TV upgrade it complements consoles as will ouya you can game(including emulators),youtube ,check email,Skype ,oovoo,word processing easily from your TV I have a rk3066 android PC stick there coming along quite nicely.