Activision Gears Up to Reveal the Revolution!

Confirming our suspicions, Activision recently updated their Mobile Call of Duty site with what looks to me like the reveal of the first DLC Pack.

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MizTv1995d ago

Cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod
Will it ever end???
Shits old

supersonicjerry1995d ago

You come to an article of a game that you don't like that makes sense.

decrypt1995d ago


Console gamers love COD, I wouldnt be surprised if they can gulp down another 10, 20, 100 sequels of the same game.

You dont like it move on.

MizTv1995d ago

Well I never said I didn't like it bitch
I think cod is ok
But I also think its Been beaten to hell

Heisenburger1995d ago

That comment was..... awesome.

(That's a reference to his Miztv thing for the record. Haha)