Games We Lost: Street Racer

Street Racer for the Super Nintendo. I personally prefer this to Mario Kart but hey ho, we’re all different!

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DigitalRaptor1967d ago

This game is such good fun. Played the MegaDrive version.

Adolph Fitler1966d ago

From the standpoint of characters & vehicles, it was far better than MarioKart, but track design & gameplay were better in Mariokart (SNES version I mean, as it is still the best in series).

I did really enjoy the game though, & I would love to see a new Wii-U, PS3 & 360 version come out.
Kart Racers need an injection of something.....Sonic racing transformed is a nice start & I really like it, but I loved the StreetRacer characters far better for there more mature-esque, un-cutesy flavour, & they have a lot more room for creativity with track design & artstyle if done right, as well as room for awesome inovative weapons.

Chard1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Yes!!! This game had car soccer. That mode was fun, unique, and needs a current gen adaptation. Fond memories.

InMyOpinion1965d ago

Played it on the PS1. Great game!

I also miss Road Rash and Bloody Roar. And Bushido Blade!!