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Submitted by fathoms 1132d ago | opinion piece

Where's The God Of War: Ascension Hype?

For whatever reason, it feels like everyone is sleeping on the new God of War. Isn't this supposed to be one of the biggest games of the year? What's going on? (God of War: Ascension, PS3)

Ashunderfire86  +   1132d ago
Well because its plays the same way as the other GOW games. I'm still looking forward to this game, but Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us is my most anticipated titles for this year. You know what...Wait for the public beta for the multiplayer for this game and I guarantee people will talk about it.
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Ezz2013  +   1132d ago
i'm hyped for it
played the SP demo and been playing the beta for while
this game is a day 1 for me
every preview loved it and god of war fans are wating for it

BTW it don't play like the other god of war games
the gameplay got alot of change to it
making kratos really fast and use alot of new moves and magic
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Ashunderfire86  +   1132d ago
The demo is out now on playstation store? Hope so or do you still have too get total recall? Didn't like the remake that much at all. Shoot I like the Judge Dredd remake better!!!! Even better than the one star and double thumbs down first Judge Dredd lol.
Y_5150  +   1132d ago
Yeah that single player demo showed me some changes to the combat, which is new to the series.o me every GOW game was like "If you know how to play one you can play them all" kind of feeling because the move set are about the same in each game in the series. But Ascension change the button layout a little bit which cause the combat to play out differently! I like it though and I cannot wait for the beta!
theBAWSE  +   1132d ago
Whoever makes gaming decisions for Sony needs to be SACKED!!! for the past couple years the timing of game releases has been laughable which inturn leads to bad sales as its too close to AAA third party games

and why wasn't this GOW,LBP racing ps4 launch titles? First two quarters of this year is already packed with Sony exclusives plus gta etc

exclusives are all well and good but when you put them out there so close to high budget third party games especially as Sony don't advertise what's the point ?

Sony need a big shake up for next gen...abit of common sense
Ezz2013  +   1132d ago

it doesn't matter
god of wars games have millions and millions of fans
it will do fine
Abash  +   1132d ago
God of War: Ascension has the best God of War gameplay to date, just by a 10 minute demo that was included with Total Recall I ca confidently say that. The tether chain combat and picking up common weapons that play great add a whole new dimension to the gameplay. Not only that but the dodging is now way smoother and the combos feel fast, it felt so great playing.

And I have to say, the visuals are astounding. I thought that God of War III was as good as God of War could get but Ascension is definitely the next level for the series and breaths new life into literally every area
Ezz2013  +   1132d ago
SSM know what they are doing
i keep play the demo every day
very fast moves and you can make kratos fight with his bare hands too
and the MP beta is incredible

and ashunderfire86
yes i bought the movie to play the demo
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sdozzo  +   1132d ago
bronxsta  +   1132d ago
Hasn't been much info released about single player
Once more gameplay and story details are out, I imagine that the hype and interest will rise
Godchild1020  +   1132d ago
I played the online beta and didn't like it too much. This is the first time I went into an online portion of a game and didn't like the fact that I lost in every match. I can take a lost and walk away happy and still enjoy the game, but I felt like everyone I went up against had way more health and strength than me, making me die rather quickly. That can be fixed, so I'm not to worried about that. Once I got use to the controls and learned how to perry, I started to get a better score.

I love the controls and the character movement. The choosing of the Gods are nice and the progression system is what will keep you going back for more. Now, if they could get the match and player level balancing correct, I would be a happy player.

With that said, I can't wait for the full game. I really want to see more on the SP and how it will lead into GOW1 or if it will.

Once more info on the SP is out there, hype will go up. GOW1 heart and soul is within it's SP and if they mess that up, that will hurt the franchise. IMO
Y_5150  +   1132d ago
So me already pre-ordering the collector edition, buying Total Recall for the single player demo, Playing Rise of the Warrior right when I first hear that there are new content to strive for , and anticipation the multiplayer beta cause Rise of the warrior didn't give me a code and that I'm on this article right now. I say that I'm not hype at all! :P /s
Riderz1337  +   1132d ago
Only a 6 minute demo and a multiplayer beta which you needed a code for and already 217k pre orders. Once more single player is revealed (January) and the beta is available to all PS Plus members, I can assure you this game will go through the roof in hype.
Walker  +   1132d ago
I believe ascension would be best in the series !
j-blaze  +   1132d ago
i think it's because we now have much better action games coming MGR, Lords of Shadow 2, Bayonetta 2 etc...also, they're using the same animations ,gameplay and fixed camera that makes the characters look tiny sometimes it looks like an expansion if ask me with added boring online mode
Pintheshadows  +   1132d ago
Nice try you irreverent blaggard.
E2S  +   1131d ago
lmao bayonetta 2
b_one  +   1132d ago
now when level designer is in charge of this project it will be huge difference...
dorron  +   1132d ago
Release more Single Player info and the game will get hyped.
BigBoss1964  +   1132d ago
Well its one of the highest preordered games of the year so...
MaleManSam  +   1132d ago
This game really should have been developed for the VITA, that system needs the AAA games coming in and hyping up it up. But eh.

I really couldn't care less about the multiplayer. It shouldn't be a selling factor for a story driven single player AAA title either. But it is a nice addition like it is to other games like Uncharted etc.
E2S  +   1131d ago
Maybe because it's a prequel and not really advancing the story much, but still I'm pretty hyped for it. And I'm not even worried about sales because Kratos always sells well. But yeah I need a demo already. And no I don't want to buy that crappy Total Recall movie. Maybe if you put it with the Blu Ray version of the Arnold one lol
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