2013: Current Gen's Ending Vs Next Gen's Beginning

Max Level: "There is an epic battle that will soon ensue between the present and the future of gaming. It's going to be quite gruesome and one of them is going to walk out of 2013 as the most controversial and hyped parts of our beloved medium. Welcome to the new year, where AAA title buzz can be overshadowed by anticipation of next generation console hype."

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MeatheadMilitia2053d ago

The "old Gen" consoles still have life in them. Most people wont be able to afford the "Next Gen" consoles or their games, especially if they have First Day Season passes and First day DLC

$450 for the new system plus $75 for the game plus $50 season pass which doesn't cover the first 2 DLC's you have to get for you to even enjoy the game

Wigriff2053d ago

" $75 for the game plus $50 season pass which doesn't cover the first 2 DLC's you have to get for you to even enjoy the game."

You have to get season passes and DLC to enjoy playing games? Wow, you are a "Meathead."

DA_SHREDDER2053d ago

Well said. Even good dlc like in Fallout NV isn't worth buying day one, you can get goty editions for less than half off not even a year later.

MeatheadMilitia2052d ago

You're right I am a Meathead :) I'm glad to see you know how to read *thumbs up* Keep up the good work little buddy :D

hazardman2053d ago

Someone please throw tendorizer on this dude. Name some games that offer season passes at launch but dont include 1st 2 dlc. Season passes are optional and are for gamers who dont want to pay $15 everytime dlc is released. I tend to do latter because I might not like all dlc being offered for certain games.

sandman2242053d ago

I think people forget that consoles are priced considerably cheap. If you think about it a iPhone 5 16 gb without contract cost 700 dollars so if the next gen consoles come out with a price tag at 500 dollars I'd say its fair.

2053d ago
zebrahim2052d ago

Why do some gamers loom plain about their homie? It seems to have become an ugly habit amongst some individuals who fail to understand that you simply get what you pay for. Companies could shorten console life cycles. The fundamental issue is that gamers are under a serious misconception on price. The pollution of casual gamers and a young core audience is putting undue strain on console manufacturers which is ultimately going to impact on the quality of next gen consoles. The debate about system ram has been raging for the last few months. Can you imagine Sony and MS reading these complaints from cheap gamers. I sold biscuits in the streets to afford a Mega CD as a kid. It boils my blood to read these nagging lazy gamers profess how they love games but refuse to pay for a feature packed future proof machine. The industry is severely impacted by the statements we make. Lets not impose a terrible problem of low powered consoles on ourselves. Take the time to think about it, the PS 1 came out at $300 dollars 18 years ago. How in your right mind do you expect us to pay the same amount right now. Inflationary pressures have obviously pushed up prices way up. An equal jump in next gen specs would require a $700 machine minimum. There are already rumors from Carmack and other industry insiders who are not impressed with the tech they have seen, although rumors allude to low prices. A word to console manufacturers. Pease position your products clearly, those who want cheap consoles should purchase Xbox 360s, wiis and ps3's. if my comments offend you, tough. The reality is your negative sentiment to the industry combined with industry analysts who spew negative garbage will eventually cause this sector to retard. I trust that those with negative views enforcing low cost tech will be pleased with the way the industry is going. I hope that the rumors are wrong and we get powerful hardware.

MeatheadMilitia2052d ago

To be honest, if people really cared about the hardware in their gaming machine, they should probably take the time to learn and understand the workings of a PC. They will find it far more gratifying knowing that the hardware they put into a rig can be customized and created based on how much they want to put into it. Don't get me wrong, consoles are great, it gets gaming into the hands of many and this is good. But to the people that really worry about the hardware, I strongly advise you do some research into the PC World. And Just to put this out there, if anyone who reads this is interested in PC gaming, I will gladly give you any and all advice I can give and provide you with as many answers as you have questions you may have.