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"We’ve been bombarded for months with a plethora of mindboggling trailers, sort of giving you this ‘Beach meets Rambo’ the game feel and to be honest I was really excited and my expectations were through the roof. I kind of expected there to be this long set up intro where you travel to the island, look about a bit, meet some shady characters, then you get taken hostage. You know, give you some time to get to know the characters and the island itself but no, ten second intro video and bang, you’re in a cage. It was trying to be vaguely shocking but the only thing shocking is that they expect you to care about characters you’ve never even met."

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ab5olut10n2051d ago

i disagree. 9/10 at least.

camel_toad2051d ago

I'd have to say an 8/10 for me. You can tell there was a lot of work put into it but speaking of gameplay it really didn't do anything new. I enjoyed the story elements and the personal characters changes as well as the free approach to the fights - but after a while it was all the same and nothing that hadn't been done in other games.

I think it's been overrated by the media.

BanBrother2051d ago

"I think it's been overrated by the media."

I haven't played it, but I think that considering its metacritic score is pretty well the same as Halo and CoD, I'm suprised it is (and was) getting soo much hype, when apparently Halo 4 is just as good (going off of reviews.

Maybe they just excited to be playing something other than Halo or CoD? I have the insane edition on PS3, but haven't opened it yet.

BattleAxe2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I give it an 8.5/10 since its a pretty well rounded game.

- solid gameplay
- competent multiplayer modes
- awesome map editor
- 4 player co-op
- good single player campaign
- descent graphics

slimpickens2051d ago

I'm seriously not enjoying this game but playing through it non stop for whatever reason. If the story and voice acting were better I would easily give it a 9 but I can't help but agree with the review.

iamnsuperman2051d ago

Its voice acting was one of the better parts (in my opinion) of the game. I personally gave it a user review score (here) of 8.8 mainly because it was just fun to play. But the story doesn't make any sense (i.e the set up is something you would expect a generation ago) and hinted at a way better ending than the ass of an ending we got.

Flare1492051d ago

Although this is a far cry (haha) from a well-written review, and the author makes no mention of the multiplayer modes I can't help but feel 7 or 8 is the score the game really deserves to get. When I first purchased the game I felt it was definitely worth a 9 or 10, much like many of the first reviews. I was enthralled by the world, Vaas, and the gameplay. However, as I started to get to the second half of the game I just didn't really feel the same thrill. Not to say I didn't enjoy it, but whole game seemed to switch from something unique to something more like Call of Duty. What really knocked the game down a score or so for me was the multiplayer. Many of the reviews I have read mention it in a paragraph or so, basically noting that it's nifty and decent. The problem is, to a certain degree it's got some pretty bad issues. Co-op specifically is a hot mess, as it uses an antiquated matchmaking system where the game/server sets up the game or the host sets it up. The main issue with that is that it's very hard to play through all the missions, as it seems that there is a constant emphasis on one or two, namely the first and then the one that is popular for the players. Moving along, the co-op campaign as a whole is nowhere near as expansive as the main game. Everything that makes FC3 unique is gone, pushed into a linear shooting gallery which plays more like Left 4 Dead. In theory that's good, except that it's still supposed to be Far Cry. Finally the story and characters and pitiful, as the story even doesn't always connect (at the start of one mission one of the characters was fixing a car, at no point did we ever use the car), and the characters are a bunch of no-personality thugs that use every excuse imaginable to drop curse words.

I know this has drug on rather long, but I'm hoping to provide some perspective. Did the game astound me at times? Absolutely. Was I let down as well? Definitely. In writing this I merely hope to provide context for those who haven't played the game yet, so that they don't get their hopes up as much since most reviews are giving the game almost perfect reviews.

Bumpmapping2051d ago

Your avatar is a perfect example of that.

Irishguy952051d ago

Imo, the game is 9/10 for 7-10 hours. After that the guise is gone. 7/10 overall.

DasTier2050d ago

This is actually the most accurate thing I've ever read in terms of video games.

Hufandpuf2051d ago

I give it a 7/10 regardless. The SP is fun, but the WHOLE game isn't there. The multiplayer sucks really bad and Co Op is almost unplayable. The Map Editor is useless because unlike FC2, you have to wait in a playlist of maps just to get to play your map online, and that's not going to happen because there are thousands of maps out there.

specsmatter2051d ago

I agree mp is so lame. From the grainy graphics, to the stupid red lazer kill cam, to not being able to get into games. Reviewers are very biased thyll give a game like this a pass on mp but will score a game down like starhawk bcus of weak sp (yet its knwn for its mp). When you review you should take all thngs into account.
As for sp imo its ok but suffers frm what most open world games suffer..... large under populated areas, lame and repititious missons and sub missons and just all around monotony . Iadmit however this game did try to diversify.

Hufandpuf2050d ago

Agreed. Though it is a good game in the sense that the gameplay mechanics work, minimal glitches, etc. The world is so bare. I wish there was more going on, like friendly villagers walking about in the wild, or like other hunters looking for animals. It's like the only people you run across are those being killed or need help. I don't mind saving people, but it seems a bit dry and repetitive.

Also, I do not like that when you clear an outpost, the enemies go away. That just takes SO much from the game. I figured if you cleared an outpost, there will be more support from the Rakyat around the area. but I was wrong.

And don't get me started on the complaints to Ubisoft. No matter how many times we say it should be fixed, they don't even respond.

So I'm just going to finish the story and return this game while I can.