Crytek considering other genres for other Crysis games

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is really interesting. We always considered all Crysis games as some of the best – visually – FPS titles. And although Crysis 3 promises to ‘melt PCs’, it seems that Crytek wants to expand the Crysis universe (or to put it more realistically, to milk this franchise as much as possible), meaning that we could see other games, from different genres, based on that universe."

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ATi_Elite2085d ago

Crysis know it's coming ha ha ha!

I don't see how they think Crysis still has life in it when Crysis 2 FAILED miserably and the original fan base only sees Crysis as a cash grab and no longer the innovative FPS that was Crysis 1!

Crytek needs to do something else besides FPS cause they have completely fallen from the greatness that was FarCry and Crysis!

Welshy2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Far Cry 3 under Ubisoft has sewn up the open world stealth action genre for me, they need to branch off away from Crysis completely and try something new.

Crysis was a great looking game, and still is now, but Crytek are graphics and no gameplay.

If they are at least talking about other genres, AKA gameplay changes, then it's a very welcome change from their inane statements every 3 hours to random media outlets blowing their own horn about graphics.

I'd happily take a graphics hit in the next gen if they decided to focus on gameplay, writing, pacing and AI.

MrBeatdown2085d ago

I don't see how Crysis 1 and 2 were all that different aside from the setting. It was more linear as a result, but I didn't mind. I didn't enjoy the first Crysis just for the bigger environments.

I definitely don't see why there is so much hate for it, as if it was some abysmal failure. Hell, I loved Crysis 2 and I'd take it over most of the bland military shooters out there. Even the multiplayer was great. It had some great maps, and the suit abilities added an extra layer of strategy.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Crytek are awsome devs..

wallis2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

What are you on about completely fallen? They made one shit game - do you have any idea how industry works? Companies would crash and burn if they changed direction every time a product didn't go their way. Crytek have made three games, far cry, crysis and crysis 2 and it amazes me they themselves are so astoundingly short sighted as to feature a shifting tone between crysis and crysis 2 - now everyone wants them to keep that process up eh?

Crysis was brilliant and far cry 3 is far from perfect. It makes no sense to tell a company that has poured massive amounts of time and money into one franchise to ditch that franchise because their last product only broke even (it didn't even fail, it literally just broke even).

Generally speaking crytek's problem is their corporate culture. As a company they're terrible with terrible marketing (Crysis once ran an ad that was little more than a prayer anticipating its release, an odd reminder of Romero's bitch ad) and no sense of WHO they are making games for. Making an RTS won't fix that - their problem was they didn't understand what people liked about crysis. They thought it was all BANG BANG because BANG BANG BOOM EXPLODEY games sell well so they tried to mimic that but unsurprisingly it didn't work. They should have opened it up into an open world game and worked out who was buying their product and why instead of blindly guessing and cramming money and time into a new product only to watch it fail trial and error style.

To make it worse they then design an engine that while looking pretty is harder for developers to work with than hitting a G-spot with a sling shot, and it costs 1 freaking million bucks to lease!!!! No wonder no one uses it. It's just a bad business decision to emphasize power over convenience. UE3 pounded cryengine into the ground because it's convenient, pretty and is really easy to make multi-platform. It took crytek all their brains and some black magic (otherwise known as REMOVING features from the engine) to get the damn thing on consoles and for what? A pitiful CoD rip off?

Crytek need to go sit the fuck down, hire a marketing department and stop engineers and programmers from making business decisions. They need to understand what so many other companies have failed to understand - no one is eating Call of Duty's pie except Call of fucking Duty itself. No amount of exploding skyscrapers and class based multiplayer will let you sneak onto its table and eat some of those crumbs. Nothing. No zombie or horde mode or terrible QTE's will let you eat that cake. It's all for CoD so just bugger off and make something original and enjoyable for those of us whose parents weren't brother and sister.

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Npugz72085d ago

They need a new IP something fresh!

ChronoJoe2085d ago

Crysis Kart


New IP would be better. I don't think Crysis would really fit anything else aside perhaps third person shooter. Beyond that it'd probably just feel forced / lazy.

MYSTERIO3602084d ago

Lol the exact same thing i was thinking

animegamingnerd2085d ago

what happen to the days that every series tried to become a kart racer

nutcrackr2085d ago

Genres that could work in my opinion; RTS with base building or Survival horror / RPG with a non military protagonist.

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