Xbox LIVE cloud saves and marketplace having issues for second weekend in a row

XMNR: The Xbox 360 is having problems with the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the Xbox LIVE cloud saved games once again. Both services went down Friday night following a similar outage last week.

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dazzrazz1905d ago

But, but everybody in a computer industry are saying cloud is the future.... :P

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Godmars2901905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Because segments of the industry, the same ones looking to do away with used games and require constant online, are insisting that it is?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1905d ago

lol never had this problem on steam and it's free! :)

nukeitall1905d ago

That is because when problems do occur it affects a minority, and you don't have a place to find out if it does on Steam or other networks such as Nintendo Network or PSN.

MS reports problems so users have a place to go for status updates, but some sites use it as "news".

I never had a single problem on either the supposed problem weekend or today.

hazelamy1904d ago

steam actually has a pretty vibrant and vocal community from what i understand though.

when something goes wrong with steam, people usually hear about it.

and ms has a history of denying problems, or blaming the users.

Kamikaze1351905d ago

It is. Works great on PC and the PS3. It just sucks on the 360 for some reason.

GraveLord1904d ago

It is, just on Microsofts crappy servers. Which his funny because people are paying for this crap.

MikeMyers1904d ago

So dazzrazz, you don't think being able to access your game saves from the cloud isn't the future? You think back in the old days where if your system broke (or old cartridges broke) and you could no longer get back your saves, that was better? Funny enough is you can save to the hard drive and to the cloud. Welcome to the future.

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BrianC62341905d ago

Microsoft seems to have problems every Christmas or so. Do they have a lot of people take vacation so they don't have enough people watching their network?

insomnium21905d ago

MS is a software company and they get payed for xblg so what gives? *runs for cover*

JamieL1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Because of the coward block.
Nice, a sure sign of a hypocrite and a coward. Argument gets heated, your side not holding up well. You're starting to be proved wrong, so you hide. Nice tactic son. and BTW
it is sad, and I was trying to be civil in that conversation, yet here you come,out of the blue you pop, to keep me in line. And you talk about how sad anyone else is? I think you can get more of that then you could handle in the mirror. Keep ignoring YOU problems and they should go away as long as you keep pointing you finger enough.

Sorry everyone for the off topic response, I was just in the middle of something when insom, wanted to go hide like a scared little girl, when I wasn't done.

BanBrother1904d ago

I saved my brother duke nukem forever in cloud, and moved it to another console yet he still had to start off at the beginning again. That was after I managed to get it to stop saying 'syncing'. More like the service was 'sinking'........... ahem.

I suppose this was part of this problem?? Man having to replay that Duke nukem game must have been painful.

hazelamy1904d ago

you could say he had... a synching feeling. ^_^

matrixman921904d ago

XBOX HACKED RIP XBAWXXX......predictions of future articles