Why We're Excited About 2013: Star Wars 1313 | 1UP

1UP: "A darker side of Lucas' universe that wowed us at E3 2012."

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WolfLeBlack2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

I have to admit this has got me interested, but I'm worried it's going to turn into another cinematic driven game that slams my face into the screen and screams: "LOOK AT THIS! ISN'T THAT AMAZING!? LOOK AT THAT PARTICLE LIGHTING!" Yes, very good mister modern shooter/action/adventure, but can I actually do something now? After all I'd quite like to do some of this cool stuff as well. "WHAT? HELL NO! YOU THINK THIS IS SOME SORT OF A GAME? NOW GET IN THAT ON-RAILS VEHICLE SO YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE NEXT 5-MINUTES EXACTLY HOW MY DEVELOPERS INTENDED!"

Hopefully we get something amazing that brings Star Wars to the forefront of gaming, though. It's a rich universe that has material for a lot of great games from a variety of genres. We've seen that over the years, after all.