Interview with Beethy, Game Cosplayer Photograph

The australian game cosplayer photographer Benjamin "Beethy" Koelewijn was interviewed about his work with models like the official Borderland's 2 "Lilith" , how he discovered photography how and where he met cosplayers and more

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LOL_WUT2051d ago

For a moment there I thought her breasts were showing. ;)

Hoffmann2050d ago

lol i guess this happens if you really want something to see, you imagine you would see it actually ;-)

Hoffmann2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Some wishes never come true, but i bet you like this one

banjadude2049d ago

I believe the Lilith/Siren cosplay-er is "Yasemin Arslan".

Hoffmann2049d ago

Yup, very true but this interview is with the photographer of her in multiple shoots