Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Reveal Coming This Month, Check out our Compilation of all Past Box Arts

While the launch of Grand Theft Auto V is still scheduled for the always vague Spring 2013, Rockstar posted on their website today that we can expect the official cover art for the game to be revealed later this month.

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Sev1573d ago

Fond nostalgia that was stolen right out from under me.

iChii1573d ago

I feel you bro.. That GTA III Box Art brings back so many memories...

"Error Reading Grand Theft Auto 3 DVD"

insertcoin1573d ago

Can't wait for more black-bordered quadrilaterals.

dbjj120881573d ago

My favorite is still Vice City. San Andreas is a close second, but Vice City had a better color scheme.

TrendyGamers1573d ago

San Andreas is my favourite.

Root1573d ago

It's obviously going to have the classic block design with pictures of GTAV related things and characters.

They've done that since GTA3

Wintersun6161573d ago

And a helicopter in the top left corner.

ftwrthtx1573d ago

I'm sure the next installment will look much like the other installments. Why go away from a recognizable format?

Nice job putting all the previous covers in one place.

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The story is too old to be commented.