Best Buy: Several PlayStation Vita games on sale

Best Buy has discounted a number of PlayStation Vita games as part of its New Year’s clearance sale.

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H4all1843d ago

Mortal Combat i'ts worth buy, and awesome game!!! ^^

guitarded771843d ago

Have most of them, but may pick up Smart As... the demo was all kinds of fun.

Hicken1843d ago

I didn't know Smart As... had a retail release.

Too bad there's no BlazBlue on the list.

BrianC62341843d ago

Maybe COD should be $9.99. The only game on that list that I don't have and might want is Mortal Kombat.

SilentNegotiator1843d ago

Declassified should be -$5....

tachy0n1843d ago

if you havent played Gravity Rush, GO GET IT! G.E.T I.T!!!!!

tubers1843d ago

Cuz of PS+, I don't feel like buying any retail anymore.. well for now.

dgonza401843d ago

Hopefully you have a big memory card

Kalowest1842d ago

I'm buying all retail because alot of games don't require a memory card.

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The story is too old to be commented.